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Papyrus Converter and Test Center

Migrations have become critical to ensuring daily operations and business growth. Regardless of the reason - mergers and acquisitions, software being phased out, lack of functionality, or need for consolidation to reduce inefficiencies and costs - migration projects can be very complex and challenging for many. The Papyrus solution manages complexity and dramatically reduces migration time by automating the conversion and testing of content, assets, and logic from document management systems and customer communications applications.

Experience a Mind-Shift

Papyrus Converse is key innovation. Business management can build their Business Value Streams starting with the desired outcome in mind. They can think about the ultimate goal and then reverse engineer a plan to achieve it describing the necessary prerequisites in the preceding stages.

Digital Transformation of Forms

Whether you are trying to handle a request, improve the contract process in sales or purchasing or you are onboarding a new client or employee, the activities are inherently collaborative. Creating, revising, reviewing, approving and signing contracts are tasks that often involve two or more people. Such process driven collaboration is typically linked to fillable business forms and interactive business documents.

Enable Claims Transformation

In the insurance business, the claim is the moment of truth. In order to build a market-leading customer-centric business, insurers must accelerate digital transformation by leveraging new digital technologies that tackle dual priorities: Customer experience (CX) and Efficiency.

Self-Service Portal: Customer & Business

Papyrus Self-Service WebPortal provides fast and consistent access to business communications and applications over the Web with HTML user interfaces via browser or mobile phone. Self-service portals are essential for developing a successful digital customer service strategy to improve the quality of customer service and reduce operating costs at the same time.

Contract Lifecycle Management

The Papyrus CLM solution maps the entire contract lifecycle management process and creates contracts, minimizing legal and commercial risks and reducing necessary costs. You will regain transparency of contracts and contractual relations, simplify and speed up contract approval and signature including differentiated workflows based on contract type and value limits.

Digital Business Transformation

Transforming business applications and enhancing customer engagement in an Omni-Channel world. technology has supported organizations for more than 30 years by allowing business and technical teams to more effectively integrate, interact and innovate for real-world results across departments, functions and geographies.

Building Business Value Streams

Empowered by Papyrus Adaptive Case Management, the 'Value Streams Thinking' helps you set your mind on the customer and shield your customers from organizational complexities, allowing you to providing one-stop service and response with all interactions and activities related to the customer's request pulled into a single place.

Customer Contact and Service Center Solution

Go beyond isolated communication channels and make customer information seamlessly available to employees and systems for increased efficiency and consistent customer experience. Omni-Channel solution unifies communication channels, customer touch points, events, data and processes and offers channel diagnostics and optimized customer experience across channels and process steps.

Papyrus WebArchive ECM Solution

Short-term and long-term archive with a temporary, staged or permanent distributed depot architecture.

Papyrus Notifications Service

Papyrus Notification Service supports the dynamic delivery of customized notifications, over various outbound channels, by definable trigger conditions.

Bank Correspondence Management System

Simplication and flexibility of document management processes.

Billing: Multi-Channel Payment Collection Process

Automated Collection Process improves the payment circle, cash flow when sending large quantities of bills.

Campaigns / Targeted Messaging

From your idea to your prospects - One Process! direct access to the complete incoming and outgoing content, seamless back-end system integration, flexible document creation and content delivery capabilities, as well as full support for handling various types of documents and information, Papyrus Users have at all times a full 360-degree view of the customer case and can act effectively and immediately as required.

Papyrus Business Designer

Business takes ownership of mission critical documents. Papyrus Smart Document Design concept enables consolidation with a modular, cross-channel document design for all personalized output an organization has. handle change requests directly in a fast and managed way, significantly increasing efficiency and timeliness of production processes.

Ticketing/Incident Management

Reference Framework Solution - on premise or in the cloud. problem resolution framework for increased customer satisfaction enabling engagement through their preferred communication channel. by the award winning Papyrus ACM Adaptive Case Management.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

RPA combines automation with the adaptability and awareness of artificial intelligence. By intelligently automating data capture and classification tasks, RPA liberates the human workforce and avoids many clerical errors.

Building New Business Applications - Experience A Mind-Shift!

Get Your Ideas to Execution Faster - Low Code through Configuration and Adaption - for a Fraction of Cost and Time. Architecture, supported by Papyrus Converse, guides the creation and cross-mapping of Value Streams, Capabilities, Organization units, Roles and Information.

Papyrus CCM Business Correspondence Solution

One common document lifecycle platform consolidates all enterprise document output supporting multi-channel high-volume, online and interactive business documents. cost savings, efficiency and corporate design across all document types are guaranteed.

Papyrus Omni Channel Applications

Built on proven technology delivering configurable Solution Frameworks for immediate, fast and easy implementation. Papyrus platform integrates all inbound and outbound communication channels and provides one single 360-degree view of the customer journey allowing for online and off-line channels.

Papyrus Online Channel Applications

Re-invent the customer engagement and enable a seamless, relevant, real-time experience across all channels. seamlessly switching between channels and devices, what customers expect from companies today is understanding their needs and providing the right content and service - in the context of the customer - across all channels, exactly when and where needed, in real time. Not more and not less.

Inbound Mail Processing

Intelligent Classification and Automated Distribution. enables your incoming mail to flow:

Inside Papyrus WebRepository

The Enterprise Communication and Business Process Platform. new breed of software and services. cases, like inquiries, complaints and exception handling, define customer happiness and are cost-relevant for the corporation.

Customer Communications Solutions for the Digital Age

Achieve more effective customer communication that boosts engagement, drives down costs, increases revenue and builds closer relationships.

The ACORD Information Model

Empowered by Papyrus Adaptive Case Management (ACM). The Papyrus Platform Solution leverages the ACORD Information Model. Create, modify and securely execute knowledge gathered during run time.

Escape the Complexity!

ISIS Papyrus presents a new approach for IT Integration

Finance - Client Reporting

Transparent, Sophisticated and Customizable

Automating Telephone Bills

Benefits: Highly efficient with excellent quality whilst eliminating manual processes and specifically assigned staff.

Automated Correspondence

Biggest Gain: Consistency of Letters Across the Enterprise

Automating Forms and Document Processing

Boosting Performance, Efficiency and Effectiveness.