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Turning conversations into business transactions

Whether you are trying to handle a request, improve the contract process for sales or purchasing, or you are onboarding a new client or employee, the activities are inherently collaborative. Creating, revising, reviewing, approving, and signing contracts are tasks that often involve two or more people. This process driven collaboration is typically linked to fillable business forms and interactive business documents.

Content is drafted, saved, and organized with metadata and often requires multiple revision cycles before it is considered complete. The automated and ad-hoc tasks and activities that users need to perform to achieve a common goal are managed by Papyrus.

  • Provide Self-service Online for customers and employees
  • Migrate paper and PDF forms to HTML
  • Improve User Experience and Data Quality
  • Increase Process Efficiency and Process Transparency
  • Sign Electronically and Digital Notarize
  • Automate Data Exchange through Services
  • Govern Information and Content

The Papyrus DocuFlow solution migrates seamless PDF forms into Web forms and substitutes emails with workflow and case management.

Migrate interactive PDF forms

As interactive PDFs are becoming less supported nowadays, customers want to use forms that work in web browsers. Papyrus DocuFlow wizard analyzes and migrates your PDFs into Web forms that can be easily edited, approved, signed, and viewed by requesters and recipients alike. Validation of field values and integration with third-party web services are standard, and so as is styling using your corporate design. Customers can even receive a carbon copy of the resulting filled and signed PDF Form in their email inbox.

Workflow instead of email

Forms are often processed by sending emails back and forth between people internally. These emails containing private information are difficult to track and trace, as they are duplicated.

Capture PDF or paper forms

Not all customers will fill in the web forms; some customers will continue to email the interactive PDF form, while others will mail the printed PDFs on paper to you. All of these need accurate and timely processing, requiring the information on the Form to be identified and extracted. The Papyrus DocuFlow wizard automatically creates the form classification and extraction definitions for Papyrus Capture.

Capture non-interactive forms

We still live in a world where there are many paper forms. Even when available as PDFs, they are not interactive and must be printed and filled out by hand and mailed. With the Business Designer Capture, we train the machine to achieve high automation of classifying and extracting information from these scanned paper forms. At the same time, we also achieve digitalization of web forms.

Centralized content services

Papyrus WebArchive is a powerful, scalable, short and long-term storage solution built on a secure, robust, and fully-integrated document lifecycle platform. Internal access for staff and secure online web access for customers and partners to any content, including complete processes with incoming and outgoing mail and call records, with retention periods and GDPR compliance, is provided.

With Papyrus Adaptive Case Management, collaboration is made simple, and emails are replaced. Tasks are planned and assigned to individuals, roles, or departments. Participants in the process are notified when steps become due.

E-signing and notarization

Identity of the recipient is confirmed (LDAP, OKTA) when Papyrus Sign captures the electronic signature (certificate, glyph) of the recipient. Papyrus Sign uses blockchain to notarize the documents.