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Always on, Always connected

Papyrus Self-Service WebPortal provides fast and consistent access to business communications and applications over the Web with HTML user interfaces via browser or mobile phone

  • Empowers clients to find the information, attain objectives and get the service they need on their own
  • Novel, cutting-edge experiences for connected customers to improve ACR (Acquire, Convert, Retain) rates
  • Enterprise-wide standardization and communication for unique customer experience
  • Interactive, ad-hoc and real-time business correspondence and communications
  • Personalized interactive forms and instant online letters with digital signature
  • Access via WebClient HTML and Papyrus Enterprise Mobile App
  • Customer data is at the center of the highly personalized business interactivity
  • Vital to securing high profit margins with digital solutions defined by business teams

Self-service portals are essential for developing a successful digital customer service strategy to improve the quality of customer service and reduce operating costs at the same time.

Keep communication lines open

A portal allows customers and consumers to control when and where they interact with your company. It is the place where customers can securely access their personalized information, messages, news and updates, and any type of online resources important for your business - bills, statements, offers, status of past and pending transactions - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a portal, they can get the information they need, whenever they want it - but this is just a small part of what a smart self-service portal can do.

Help your customers by letting them help themselves

With the portal as a client hub, users not only have the visibility - they can also take action. Starting with basic tasks, such as resetting passwords and maintaining profiles, they can take corrective actions in response to issues, upload/ download content and use fully-integrated request forms to apply for an information or a service - all in one location.

Empowered customers are happy customers

The same portal can be used for fast processing of personalized e-invoices, e-policies or e-contracts, as well as to provide quick access to your company's unique collection of self-service options. And with digital value streams offered as part of the self-service portal, it becomes incredibly easy for your customers to start any business transaction directly from there.

Accelerating Growth

Any of the digital value streams - Request handling, Customer and Employee Onboarding, Loan Origination, Claims or Contract Management - can be accessed automatically in a browser or through a mobile app. Opening an account takes less than five minutes. So can closing an insurance policy. Value streams are automated and orchestrated, bringing together all interactions and activities related to the customer's enquiry in a single place:

  • Connecting customer front-end with back-end teams Instantly executing automated tasks
  • Orchestrating request handling across channels, teams, systems and enterprise end-to-end
  • Triggering approval chains and notifications
  • Delivering real-time response to the customer
  • Securing electronic signature in the portal

Customers benefit from fast, seamless processes without media discontinuity, and your company reaps the benefits of low-effort, time- and cost-saving digital processing entirely without manual effort and paper.

Delivering a low-effort, high-quality experiences

In the digital world, brands can profit only by creating outstanding customer experiences. Customers want to feel at home and expect to move fast when using services and executing transactions. A portal can include pre-filled forms and Wizards that assist by letting customers answer questions instead of entering data; Chatbots may be used to answer simple questions, and live chat helps customers directly connect with your staff if they need to. You may want to include the context-sensitive help and how-to videos, FAQ and access to the knowledge database, on-demand services, email and phone support, etc. Depending on the type of portal, additional collaborative tools may be helpful when collaborating in real time, while reporting and analytics help provide insights and clarity, keeping all parties informed and ensuring that your customer experience (CX) strategy is running at full power.

Business Designer for Documents and Forms

The Papyrus Business Designer enables creation of all customer com- munications such as personalized interactive webforms and docu- ment templates for instant online letters with Wizard-driven business processes. From online form to quote creation to digital contract closure, your teams are equipped with powerful tools, increasing their efficiency many times over.

A powerful HTTPS Portal interface

There are many ways to use the Papyrus WebPortal:

  • Customer self-service portal
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Sales portal
  • Help desk portal
  • Supplier or partner portal
  • HR portal

The Results

Going 24/7: Clients have direct access to relevant information nd service at their convenience, irrespective of your company's working hours. The ability to contact a live person via chat, phone, email or text contributes to your company's most important competitive advantage - customer centricity.

Going electronic: Instant e-document delivery and electronic signature directly in the portal make doing business with your company easy.

Getting automated: Omni-channel capability allows users to converse across multiple channels, including email, phone, social media, and websites. Customer requests are handled ad hoc - in a fully automated way. Any activity on the front-end is immediately reflected on the back-end and initiates actions, connects to external system and services to provide the required data and service on the fly. Data is automatically processed, extracted, evaluated and transmitted in any format from anywhere to anywhere, with workflow automation for managing cross-functional processes and response delivery end-to- end.

Getting advanced: Providing critical digital business value streams, such as onboarding, request handling, contracts, claims or tickets as self-service capabilities within a portal helps you build high-value relationships with clients, and provides top-notch customer service with speed, flexibility and efficiency.