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Omni-Channel Applications

Papyrus Omni-Channel operations are conversations across channels, devices, enterprise and time with a seamless, connected experience processing incoming and outgoing communications. All interactions with a customer across multiple touchpoints are connected to an adaptive case that tracks the end-to-end conversation, enabling customers to begin an interaction on one channel and finish it on another.

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Customer Communications Management CCM

The Papyrus CCM Platform is used by the world’s largest corporations to introduce efficiency and facilitate digital transformation, with successful field tests in different scenarios over time. The solution allows for the design of any outgoing business communication and can produce documents of any complexity on a single platform.

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Output Management / Automated Document Factory

Papyrus Software provides companies with multi-channel delivery of all types of business documents across digital and traditional channels with an integrated feedback loop. Templates are transformed to the target channel only at distribution, guaranteeing pure channel independence. A cockpit provides users with end-to-end job management and visibility of all operations.

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Intelligent Inbound Mail Capture

Cut processing time from days to hours by capturing data using a self-learning, user-trained system across channels via one single definition. The solution handles all types of structured and unstructured communications (including handwriting) and routes extracted data directly to enterprise applications. The self-learning classification process increases efficiency and limits human interaction with QA or exception handling.

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Adaptive Case Management

Business Value Streams are powered by ACM to provide not only content, but also actions, timely intelligence (AI) and interactions based on a single view of the customer activities. One environment unified flexible orchestration and workflow management for both structured and adaptive processes with content and data.

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Papyrus Converse

Experience a mind-shift! Papyrus Converse gives business professionals the power to design their Business Value Streams and materialize ideas accurately and quickly. With easy access to expert technology through a radically simplified interface, users can create and execute processes without design, creating their own conversational business applications and delivering outcomes at speed and scale without coding. This technology you cannot afford to ignore.

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Enterprise Mobile Platform

Papyrus Mobile Business Solutions running natively on all leading devices ensures continuity of operations. It can be deployed in days in your private cloud or on-premises providing full GDPR compliance!

Every mobile application is centrally maintained and also accessible by browser and desktop. Enterprise users can communicate, take actions, track events, send requests and receive notifications with direct back-office connectivity. Smooth interactions with your CRM, ERP, HR and database systems are available anytime and anywhere, even when out of the office.

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Enterprise Content Services Platform ECM

Papyrus collects all content and delivers the complete case information to business users at their fingertips. They can collaborate and efficiently create, retrieve, review, revise and securely share business content supported by one single version of truth. The complete lifecycle of every object is stored in a distributed depot architecture – highly secured with retention policy, GDPR compliancy and Blockchain-secured originality.

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Papyrus Software Received Best Marks in Gartner Peer Insights for Customer Communications Management

Papyrus Software customers from some of the world’s leading companies gave an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Customer Communications Management market, as part of the Gartner Peer Insights program.

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Of the 76 reviewers, 43 gave Papyrus Software 5 stars


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Profitable Investment. Not just spending.

When our company was founded in 1988, we saw it as our responsibility to ensure that software was a profitable investment for our customers, and not just an expense. Documents are at the heart of our customers' business; if our customers cannot deliver an invoice or a contract, there is no business!

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Deploy the 'adapt to win' strategy

How does a company continue to innovate? In recent years, companies have had to quickly adapt in order to win. Digitalization has been a focus, self-service has become much more dominant and ad-hoc changes that were perhaps patched on the front-end side need to be replaced with better solutions.

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Fit-for-Future Document Migration Strategies

How can you consolidate disparate existing document systems which have grown over years, leading to redundancies, inefficiencies, and multiple efforts to maintain document templates for different output channels?

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