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Case Study: Cyta

Modernizing Customer Experience and Operations with Multichannel Document Delivery

Strategic investment in digital customer service ensures satisfaction, compliance and leadership in a competitive growth market

The Business

Cyta is a semi-government organization considered the leading provider of integrated electronic communications services in Cyprus. Providing, maintaining and developing a comprehensive telecommunications service both nationally and internationally, via submarine fibre optic cable and satellite earth station infrastructure, Cyta provides a broad range of services and facilities to deliver voice and data applications in both fixed and mobile telephony. A full member of the EU, Cyta was first nationally to be assessed with the excellence model of the EFQM and receives the highest “Recognized for Excellence” ranking. It is also the largest state organization in Cyprus to receive ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification.

The Challenge

The top provider of Total Electronic Communications in Cyprus and a Papyrus customer since 2006, Cyta strategically invests in cutting-edge technology, customer service enhancements and the provision of modern services inspired by the convergence of telecommunications, IT and multimedia.

An important part of this strategy was to fully implement electronic customer communications – to improve customer service and satisfaction, respond to customer preferences and leverage the cost advantages of reduced printing and mailing.

With approximately 800K invoices monthly, Cyta had not only a large volume of data-driven documents to produce and distribute but also more than 50M invoices archived for customer service access, Web site self-service and compliance with 12-year retention requirements.

The Solution

Extending Cyta’s use of the powerful Papyrus Platform was determined to be a very efficient and streamlined approach to leverage the company’s existing investment and knowledge by using the full document management and multichannel delivery capabilities of Papyrus technology.

The new Cyta Electronic Invoicing program offers customers:

  • Immediate bill notification by email every month
  • Access, download and/or print your bills on a 24/7 basis
  • Online storage of bills for 24 months

Today, Cyta is making use of the full print, e-delivery and archiving solution frameworks with Papyrus, which not only improves and optimizes the customer experience but brings numerous operational benefits for their team of more than 500 business users.

Cyta extended their existing Papyrus print and archiving solution for invoices and notices to corporate and end clients, enabling e-delivery and e-communications with a few powerful components added:

  • WebRepository for full-color, multichannel document design, production and delivery
  • Papyrus Typemanager for a native interface capability to facilitate import of data and documents from a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Papyrus Server (E-mail and IPDS) to enable electronic delivery and efficient high-volume printing
  • Papyrus Adapters (LDAP and SOAP) for user authentication and invoice retrieval, respectively

Customer Experience Enhanced

High-quality documents are now delivered to the customer’s choice of channels for secure, convenient access – via e-mail, Web portal or paper – incorporating color, graphics and URLs for engaging, interactive communication with relevant, accurate and clear data and messages. Cyta even rewards customers for using electronic invoicing, creating a win-win partnership.

Customer Operations Improved

Updated document design and delivery improve customer response and satisfaction, with new user-friendly bills arriving faster so payments are received sooner.

Documents with better content and quality are better understood and lead to fewer, faster customer service inquiries. Incorporating color for the new electronic documents costs nothing extra, but reduced printing has minimized production costs and waste. Extending the existing software and integrating with other operational tools has paved the way for continued advances and faster improvements that keep Cyta on the leading edge of the industry.

Maximizing the Digital Customer Experience

For the future, Cyta plans to implement the Papyrus Targeted Messaging framework solution for seasonal campaigning and the Correspondence Framework solution for empowering the business departments to create their own mailings and templates with building blocks. These additional solutions will run on the Repository and use the Papyrus tools they already have, making them easy extensions to the current setup.