Unlocking Operational Excellence - Strategies, Principles and Tools

As CEO of Papyrus Software, I strive to open up new ways of delivering business results through operational excellence, unlocking sustainable growth. Operational excellence seeks to increase the bottom line through optimized processes, increased quality and efficiency, and reduced costs. Successfully implementing operational experience requires the right tools focused on optimizing business processes, the commitment of leadership and an engaged workforce.

To achieve excellence, our technology can help you to unleash key potentials:

Recognizing the need for a unified Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform: This is a strategic move and a decision that will impact how your business interacts with its customers. It is about improving those interactions, streamlining operations and being able to adapt in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Maintaining outdated CCM systems has many hidden costs – both financial and operational. Customer experience suffers from inconsistent communications and you are confronted with IT bottlenecks due to resource constraints. Find out how Commerzbank and comdirect developed a compelling business case for improved communications management within their organization.

Aiming for Higher Productivity and Efficiency: Organizations must automate and digitize at scale to drive change, but are hindered by traditional software development and overloaded IT teams. Explore how the non-technical Converse-led approach can be used by multi-disciplinary teams to build & execute their business value streams in one step. Learn how to modernize your applications by delivering key business functionality in waves, avoiding translation gaps and saving costs by reducing development time.

Building an Engaged Workforce: For your staff to take ownership and actively engage, they must be given autonomy and power to successfully control their content and processes. Only then can they actively participate in continuous improvement efforts. Nowadays, employees no longer need to be programmers. Our smart design technology is a huge step forward in terms of efficiency, operational flexibility and overall business agility, as it allows the business to create and put into action their content and processes, taking the pressure off the IT department.

At our upcoming Open House Global 2024 conference, we will take an in-depth look at the topic of operational excellence, while exploring the possibilities of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) as an effective strategy for organizational change. Applying these principles and technologies will help your company improve bottom line and deliver superior value to your customers. The most important aspects are continuous improvement, innovation and agility, helping your organization successfully adapt to the constantly evolving business environment.

You are cordially invited to join us! I look very much forward to welcoming you to beautiful Vienna, Austria! This is a great opportunity to extend your stay and enjoy Vienna's elegant avenues, majestic monuments and palaces, world-renown museums and much more.

Open House Global | April 28-30, 2024 | Vienna, Austria

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Annemarie Pucher
CEO, Papyrus Software

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