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Case Study: enviaM

Papyrus replaces MS Word with Document Management System

German utility provider working smarter, not harder with Papyrus Customer Communication Management

The Business

The envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG is a German utility provider located in Chemnitz, Saxony. It is a subsidiary of innogy SE, that belongs to the German industry giant RWE, and is the leading provider for energy in eastern Germany. The company provides electricity, gas, heating and related services to customers and is a strategic partner of many cities and communal entities in the region.

The Challenge

enviaM produced business documents, such as offers and contracts, using Microsoft Word with macros to access data from SAP CRM. This solution was inefficient and delayed new products and campaigns from going to market. The documents were all in Word format and the content was not centralized and templates were stored on different work stations. The company depended on two IT developers to create and manage content for about 80 clerks.

enviaM wanted a state-of-the-art document management system to enable its product administrators to assemble and maintain document content with minimal IT support.

The Solution

The company conducted a study to compare the market for the top 25 suppliers of Customer Communications Management (CCM) software and concluded that Papyrus Software offered the most complete functionality set to redesign and create documents.

The Papyrus CCM Solution offers a wide range of format conversion and editing tools, and provided the business administrators with powerful but easy-to-use features to apply their own business logic to the document generation.

The new system reduced enviaM’s reliance on the IT department, enabling business administrators to create and manage content within the Change Management paradigm.

Papyrus integrated with the existing SAP CRM through an existing middleware REST-API. Business documents are version-controlled, multilingual objects defined by business administrators.

The Papyrus solution was cost effective for enviaM – implementation, software and consultancy were within the company’s budgetary constraints.

Business Logic Applied By Business People

Because all logic and business rules in the old system were coded in Word Macros, the business department relied heavily on its IT department for changes. Within Papyrus they are now able to apply business logic by themselves with Natural Language Rules and Wizard & Document Variables.

All Documents Are Wizard Driven

With the flexible REST-API integration to expose and consume web services, all on-demand document production is Wizard driven displayed in Papyrus Desktop/HTML. All document data is retrieved while executing the Wizard from the SAP CRM via enviaM’s own REST-API middleware.

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Papyrus Document Wizard

Template & Content Management

Prior to Papyrus, content and template management was costly and ineffective – document templates were maintained in Word with a complicated matrix of Visual Basic macros to assemble files for local printing on request from the SAP CRM.

Today, the enviaM staff produces the required business documents by assembling them as multilingual building blocks in the CCM Solution, which provides a centralized and consolidated location of content.

The default configuration of the CCM Solution is based on a WebRepository node structure that provides Change Management in the production domain. The integrated Change Management offers security and control over all changes and processes, enabling business administrators to manage content without IT support.

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Papyrus Correspondence Management

Multi-Wizard, Multi-Document

Administrators can define a number of individual wizards and document templates, such as cover letter wizards, product order- form wizards, legal forms wizards and some static attachments like terms and conditions. If a clerk works on a business case and wants to produce a document, he or she can take an arbitrary path, based on these individual defined wizards, to assemble a final document to be sent to the customer.

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Papyrus Integration with exicting CRM