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Case Study: Dexcom

Machine Assisted Intelligent E-mail/Document Capture brings Efficiency and Productivity

Training machines to recognize documents and messages is a remarkable technology used by Papyrus Capture. The powerful integration functionality of the platform facilitates interfacing with existing applications and software.

The Business

Founded in 1999, Dexcom, Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management. It is transforming diabetes care and management by providing superior continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology to help patients and healthcare professionals better manage diabetes. Dexcom operates internationally with headquarters in San Diego, California, United States.

The Solution

Papyrus retrieves e-mails from several corporate mailboxes. The Papyrus IMAP Adapter integrates and facilitates this process. An e-mail can contain an unknown number of attachments, and an attachment can also hold multiple documents.

High Volume and tight SLA

Dexcom receives several thousand documents a day that must be processed within 24 hours. Using Papyrus, the business now completes all documents within 4 hours after retrieval.

Classification and Data extraction
Papyrus Capture classifies more than 40 different document types and extracts multiple data fields. After extraction, the document is moved to the completion view.

Customer Account Search
When a business user searches for an account, Papyrus returns all customer accounts which match the search criteria. After confirmation in the completion view, the document is uploaded to a Google cloud storage bucket and the metadata is uploaded to Dexcom’s customer database.

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Dexcom Account Search Screen

Integration with existing Dexcom environment and applications
Corporate e-mail system, Cloud Storage, customer database for account based retrieval, Document Retrieval by CRM users, system monitoring in enterprise alerting systems.

A broad variety of Papyrus Adapter provide simplified integration. These platform and compiler independent tools are delivered as standard software supporting a handshake loose coupled configuration without dependencies on each other.

Document retrieval and integration with 3rd party software
Documents are stored in the Cloud. Other business applications, like CRM, retrieve the document by calling the Papyrus Webserver via Rest/Jason.

Monitoring and Auditing

Documents are received in multiple mailboxes, based on regions. To handle the high volume of incoming mail immediate action is needed should a too high number of documents be in one particular mailbox. Papyrus provides a Dashboard where Supervisors can see the number of documents per document state and mailbox. Completion speed can be monitored per user and the time stamp of the oldest document is also shown.

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Dexcom Monitoring Screen

System Monitoring Integration
To ensure high availability, the system is monitored by the enterprise alerting system. Papyrus provides REST/JSON Adapter which integrates with the alerting system and returns the states of the workflow. Should a problem occur the right people are called immediately by the alerting system.

The Future

In addition to the roll-out of the described solution to their international locations, Dexcom plans to integrate outbound mail. The Papyrus platform provides the business correspondence framework solution, and seamlessly integrates inbound with outbound documents and messages.

These statements are as of November 1, 2017, and are subject to change without notice.

Papyrus is designed to let organizations implement HIPPA and GDPR compliant solutions.