Unleashing Agility for a Leading Insurance Giant

In today's digital landscape, embracing the cloud is no longer optional. It's the key to unlocking agility, scalability, and unmatched performance. Papyrus is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution, empowering businesses to thrive in the cloud with a future-proof cloud-based platform for corporate customer communication management (CCM).

We recently partnered with a leading global insurance and asset management firm that entrusted Papyrus to manage their high-volume communication needs – a staggering 80,000 communication paragraphs daily, translating to 500,000 essential documents like policies, contracts, and claims.

However, their reliance on a traditional on-premises setup posed a challenge. Looming changes like the end of Windows Server 2012 support, and rising hosting costs made a strategic change necessary. The cloud beckoned with its promise of scalability and flexibility.

A Collaborative Journey to the Cloud

Our client embarked on a two-month exploration journey, meticulously assessing various cloud options. The power of choice provided by Papyrus – seamless deployment on-premises or in the cloud - allowed the company to align with their specific requirements. After careful consideration, AWS (Amazon Web Services) emerged as the ideal platform. Our team collaborated closely with the client to design a containerized AWS EC2 environment. This innovative approach seamlessly integrates their existing Peoplesoft front-end with Papyrus functional units through a load balancer.

But what really sets this solution apart is its consistent focus on performance. Each container houses multiple high-speed DocEXEC formatters and WebServers, dynamically scaling based on workload. This intelligent architecture, coupled with time-based scaling and cutting-edge AWS hardware, resulted in a remarkable five-fold increase in performance.

Beyond Performance: Efficiency and Freedom

The benefits extend well beyond just speed. The client transitioned from Windows to Linux Red Hat 8, taking advantage of the Papyrus' operating system independence. More importantly, they achieved significant cost savings on hosting while retaining ownership of their platform. Their Papyrus team continues to be the Center Of Excellence (COE), guaranteeing in-house expertise for years to come.

The most significant advantage? Freedom from vendor lock-in. This cloud-based solution can be seamlessly deployed on Azure or any other cloud platform. The client has the power to choose the best fit for their evolving needs.

Papyrus: Your Partner in Cloud Success

This story exemplifies the transformative power of Papyrus in the cloud. Our solution delivers unparalleled performance, unmatched flexibility, and the freedom of choice. Ready to unlock the potential of the cloud for your CCM? Get in touch with us today and join us at the Open House Global Conference 2024 from April 28-30 at our Headquarters and Competence Center in Vienna, Austria. Learn more about how Papyrus can guide you towards a resilient communication strategy for the future.

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