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Papyrus Output Management

Client Challenge

To create and deliver mission-critical business documents (high-volume, online and ad-hoc) better and cheaper with improved efficiencies and quality control across platforms and output channels. Automating and monitoring the entire, end-to-end document production process as a manufacturing process, from raw business data to formatting into digital documents and delivery to multiple output channels, including post-processing, bundling and enveloping control. Overcoming fragmented IT environments with multiple operating systems, hardware dependencies and island solutions, to save resources and cost with central management and control for all electronic and printed output and to gain a single, consolidated view of operation.

"Of all the participants for this research (2022), Papyrus Software ADF is the only solution supporting digital channels with the same level of tracking and control as print. I think the product really stands out as a leader in digital ADF."
Rich Huff

Papyrus Document Design and Formatting Architecture

The unique approach of Papyrus Software allows the corporation to have a single template for all output channels. One central document building block library and reusing elements across print/PDF & HTML guarantees efficiency and corporate design.

Papyrus achieves multi-channel output by supporting major document architectures such as AFP and PDF. Papyrus software transforms the documents to the target channel at distribution time for utmost channel independence. Both AFP and PDF can be directly created when formatting including document index and additional output formats for print such as IPDS, PCL, Postscript, Metacode, IJPDS, TIFF are transparently available with the Papyrus Print Server. E-delivery per email/HTML, email/PDF, Webportal, Mobile, sms and email notification is available. Papyrus ADF Automated Document Factory allows delivery administration and management including the tracking, tracing and monitoring of all jobs starting with receiving the data and completing when documents are archived.

Papyrus Automated Document Factory solution for multi-channel delivery with feedback loop

ADF Print and e-delivery Workplace

Papyrus Platform Process Control across platforms, channels, devices and users

Enterprise dashboard presenting all communication channels

The Papyrus Automated Document Factory (ADF) provides businesses with intelligent, end-to-end automation of print and mail shop production processes usually handled manually. The ADF includes unique features for complete centralized lifecycle management - across all platforms - of all document resources from data, formatting, printing and post-processing to multichannel delivery to archiving. Documents can be tracked seamlessly from creation over centralized or decentralized printing to final enveloping in the letter shop.

The specific strengths of ISIS Papyrus have been recognized in several independent studies, each of which concluded that ISIS Papyrus covers all the elements of ADF 2.0. What is even more remarkable is that ISIS Papyrus is the only non-hardware vendor to achieve this feat, making ISIS Papyrus solutions completely independent of hardware or OS prerequisites.

Central Document Pool

Central collection of all corporate documents types from batch/online/on demand production, letters from front office users and any other PDF or AFP document in the central document pool database for electronic bundling, sorting, merging and channel matched re-composition at time of delivery.

At this time each page can be augmented with additional information, such as a barcode, page numbering, a message on available white space or as an overprint such as the word COPY. Big document volumes formatted from different data sources at different times can be postal optimized, sorted, bundled for mailings using the Papyrus Document Pool. Papyrus comes with priority mail functions, weight optimization for best postal fees and discount calculations. Papyrus is certified to perform postal calculations in Germany and the UK but can also interface with third party programs performing such tasks. Our automated document factory framework works for both print and e-delivery. Every document has a global unique identifier which is used in our automated document factory to track if the document has passed the inserter or if the email has been delivered and opened. In addition Papyrus can also receive feedback on mailed pieces from the enveloping machine.

Print and e-delivery channels

Communication Tracking and Reporting

Papyrus has tracking, tracing, monitoring and auditing capabilities, and the system can generate any type of report from the data it collects. The user defines which data is collected. There are many standard reports available but any further report needed is easily generated. Further Papyrus comes with an Application Performance Analyzer which monitors the complete network for performance and bottlenecks. Also such reports are produced. Our solution frameworks contain such analytics i.e. delivery per channel, email open and bounced, building block usage in templates, letter template usage trends for batch and interactive.


Papyrus WebArchive is a short term and long term object archive with a common key information, supporting digital signature and the uploading of any document or data, video or voice from any source including all processes. Papyrus WebArchive interfaces with the Papyrus WebRepository for all administrative, management and BPM functions. It is a distributed object storage (depot) in a peer to peer TCP/IP network with unlimited nodes. It seamlessly interfaces through the CMIS Adapter with other archives such as Filenet or Documentum. Viewing of archived content is based on the security definition in the WebRepository and the same Papyrus Client/Desktop used for letter writing and printing can be used for viewing. Papyrus also offers a license free AFP viewer.

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Product Configuration: Automated Document Factory

  • Papyrus WebRepository
    Central job/spool/queue/print management for overall production across platforms and printers, fax and e-mail servers, printpool, Web delivery and archive. Load balancing across multiple notes and processors, automatic hot backup procedures, best match printing including notification by SMS, e-mail, SNMP, NET send.
  • Papyrus Server
    Transparently converting AFP and PDF generated output at time of print. Production printing on IPDS, PCL, PS, Xerox Metacode, Kodak IJPDS, PDF, e-mail and fax.
  • Papyrus Client/Desktop
    AFP/PDF view, tracking, monitoring and overall management of all output jobs and queues in the network. Based on user authorization, print administrator can view, manage and change print and output management definitions, as well as start and stop jobs. Notifications via SMS, e-mail, SNMP, NET Send.
  • Papyrus Designer Package
    Add barcodes and OMR codes to business documents, generate document indexes, sort and merge definitions, logical pages on physical page definition, 2UP printing, Form definition and more.
  • Papyrus DocEXEC
    High-speed, online, client/server, Web and user-interactive document formatting on 11 platforms. Generate AFP and PDF output including barcodes and all post-processing functions, sorting, table of contents, print last page first, rotation of pages, multiple logical pages on physical pages in a one-step formatting process.
  • Papyrus Postprocessing/Printpool
    For grouping, bundling and sorting of different documents and forms generated at different times. Often used in conjunction with PostCalc for country-specific postal discount calculation.

Services Estimated - ADF Solution

  • Scoping exercise for ADF without document generation – 3-5 days
  • POC for ADF implementation - depending on scoping results - Average 10 days
  • Training (based on client knowledge and skills) - Up to 25 days
    • Document Development
    • Output Management
    • Objects Administrator
    • Objects Developer