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Client Challenge

To provide staff, partners and/or customers with secure, selective access to any customer-related information, such as regular business communications, outbound correspondence, incoming documents, e-mails with attachments, chat, fax, voice or video. Archive content and documents for legal reasons with retention periods on media of your choice and automatic deletion.

Solution Description

a) Archiving for convenience

Papyrus provides a powerful, scalable, short- and long-term archive solution based on a secure, robust and fully integrated document lifecycle platform. Internal access for staff and secure online Web access for customers and partners to any content including complete cases with inbound and outbound mail and call recordings, exactly as it was recorded, via standard Web browser and Mobile device.

b) Legal e-archive

Any object in a system can be archived at a specific point in time with support for specific storage and management attributes. E-Archiving of documents and metadata can be done in a legal manner with extra signature if required and based on retention periods and automatic document deletion by document category/type.

Papyrus Content Management Platform

Papyrus Enterprise Content Manager

The Papyrus Content Services solution is based on the Papyrus WebArchive product which builds on the stable Papyrus Objects Technology allowing to store all incoming and outgoing documents, emails and any other content and its processes. Powerful search capabilities are available to find and view the archived content. Every object is automatically archived at a specific point in time and with the support of specific storage and management attributes. This makes archiving runs or conversions unnecessary.

Papyrus WebArchive is fully scalable across platforms and supports distributed storage with central index and search capability across different server hardware. Papyrus WebArchive stores complete CASES (data, processes, activities, content, views, service interfaces (SOA) over the complete lifecycle. Employees can based on the their security profile (role/policy/priviledge) using the Papyrus Eye/Widget user interface in the WebPortal search and view content and documents, delete, bundle, separate, define index data and more.

Papyrus WebArchive supports the customer engagement circle and interfaces to other archiving systems using the standard CMIS Adapter based on the OASIS architecture. This allows for storage of all Papyrus generated content in 3rd party archives and also for retrieval of content needed for Case Management and human workflow.

Collaborative Content Services Platform

Any kind of inbound and outbound documents, document resources, video and voice from any source, e-mails and any other content can be easily created, reviewed, uploaded, shared and stored. Every object in the system - all formats (AFP, PDF, TIFF/ FAX, E-mail, DATA, MSWord, audio, video…), entire workflows and TASKS and complete CASES over the entire lifecycle (data, processes, activities, content, views, service interfaces (SOA)) - are automatically stored/archived at a specific point in time.

Papyrus has extensive tracking, tracing, monitoring and auditing capabilities, covering the complete life-cycle of documents and all objects in a system with a full information on who has accessed each resource, when and why.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Services – eArchiving

  • Workflow and Case Management
  • Business Rules
  • Notification and Collaboration

Papyrus e-Delivery and Self-Service Solution

Papyrus WebPortal solution

Papyrus WebArchive with WebPortal

Using the WebArchive functionality, companies can choose to provide an Internet based service, and notify their clients via e-mail or SMS, offering them the option to see their documents and statements using Web browser and optionally print them as necessary.

  • Search
  • Viewing

Papyrus Blockchain trusted documents

Papyrus Content Management Services are integrated with our adaptive case management (ACM) providing Blockchain secured documents. Blockchain ensures files cannot be corrupted and can be audited on demand.

For Customers exploring the Blockchain applications without large capital investments in infrastructure and training, the Papyrus Blockchain Ecosystem provides the lowest-risk gateway to make the first steps with permissioned distributed private ledger technology, for a fast-track Blockchain implementation across your business.

For Customers who are already members of Blockchain ecosystems or consortiums, specific connectors are available for the most important Blockchain platforms (e.g. Multichain, Hyperledger Fabric…).

Main features:

  • Adaptive Case Management integration
  • Cloud test environment for your evaluation of the Papyrus Blockchain Ecosystem.
  • Prototype, Test, and Build Blockchain powered notarization applications for documents
  • Develop Blockchain extensions for existing applications

Supporting Requirements under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Retention periods
  • Automatic document deletion
  • Restricting access control
  • Monitoring Reporting
  • Audit Trails



  • Drag & Drop from Desktop and Windows applications into the Papyrus Archive
  • Sync existing folder structures with your Enterprise Archive (changes in the file-system are taken over into the Papyrus Archive Solution)
  • Store all inbound and outbound documents and content in a case file including any other content such as video/voice, processes and rules
  • Share documents with colleagues, supervisors or customers
  • Import entire email-directories or specific emails by sending an email to your Papyrus archive
  • Interface with any CMIS enabled archive, like SharePoint, FileNet or Alfresco.
  • Directly scan into the archive

Search, Edit and Collaborate

  • Automatic full text search for any document in the archive
  • Find cases or documents by keyword search
  • Edit, annotate or comment upon your documents from within Papyrus
  • Discuss pressing issues with the inbuilt chat function; all conversations can be stored for future reference
  • Directly contact your customers by E-Mail from within Papyrus
  • Use Papyrus Mobile UIs (Android and iOS) to fully interface with the Papyrus Archive

Case Work

  • Create your own adaptive business processes
  • Add ad-hoc goals and tasks to any case and document


  • Archive specific documents/processes/rules and entire business cases
  • Generate PDF/A; sign or encrypt your documents
  • Generate automatic reports (technical and business)

Make full use of the Papyrus WebRepository platform

  • Model your business process with Papyrus Adaptive Case Management
  • Fully integrate with Papyrus Correspondence and Output Management
  • Integrate your entire incoming communication with the Papyrus Capture solution
  • Provide B2C documents directly from the archive via the Papyrus Print & E-Delivery Solution

Value Delivered

Key Benefits/Value

  • Single, central archive with distributed storage and central depot
    • All documents (inbound and outbound)
    • All formats (AFP, PDF, TIFF/FAX, Email, DATA, MS-Word, MP3, MP4…)
    • Archives complete CASES over the lifecycle: data, processes, activities, content, views, service interfaces (SOA)
  • Internal or external delivery of electronic originals
  • No database administrator required
  • Multichannel integration of key business resources
    • Printing and Output Management processes
    • Existing customer portal
    • Third-party archive solutions
  • Multi-platform scalability
  • Unlimited storage scalability
  • Integration with 3rd party archives with CMIS Adapter
  • Delivers documents in AFP, PDF and TIFF and index information in XML

Key Features

  • Storage in either built-in Papyrus Object storage system or external database (Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL)
  • Integrated security
    • Authentication, authorization, auditing, encryption, HTTPS
    • Digital signature PKI support
  • Viewing flexibility - Papyrus AFP Viewer, Papyrus Webportal and Papyrus Client
    • Web retrieval of archived documents from Web browser
    • Papyrus AFP Viewer shareware for direct AFP viewing
    • AFP-to-PDF conversion on the fly for PDF viewing
  • Node-based architecture
  • High-availability configurations possible
  • Document stickers for notes and training options for staff
  • Integrated email notification with URL for e-delivery