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Client Challenge

Companies often struggle with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) because vital information-from everyday business documents and emails to chats, recordings, and even faxes—gets trapped in too many separate systems. This makes it incredibly hard to find what you need. Employees waste tons of time searching, like looking for a needle in a haystack. Plus, it's nearly impossible to follow data security rules when everything is scattered around.

Papyrus Enterprise Content Manager

The Papyrus Content Services solution is based on the Papyrus WebArchive product to store all incoming and outgoing documents, emails and any other content and its processes. Powerful search capabilities are available to find and view the archived content. Every document, file, and object is automatically archived at a specific point in time and with the support of specific storage and management attributes.

Papyrus enables enterprises and governments in their digital transformation journey towards becoming paperless, more efficient and be compliant with regulation. The Papyrus Platform consist of standard software products that seamless integrate into your content service platform.

Business Designer Content Governance

Organizations must adapt faster to changes and embrace innovation. IT on the other hand has limited resources and budget, being responsible for operations and dealing with technical debt.

Papyrus Business Designer empowers citizen developers to administrate templates for managing content and records in an environment while IT can ensure the operations. .

Share and collaborate in realtime

From intelligent capture to full document lifecycle management to archiving. Papyrus makes handling all your content types a breeze – documents, emails, videos, audio, you name it! You can easily create, review, upload, share, including different file formats, whole workflows, tasks, and even complete project histories. Papyrus integrates with the systems that produce and consume information, and facilitating seamless access, distribution and use of both structured and unstructured data.

Papyrus has extensive tracking, tracing, monitoring and auditing capabilities, covering the complete life-cycle of documents recording which document was accessed, by whom, and what actions were taken.

Store and Archive Content

Papyrus Content Services Platform is built on Papyrus unique multi-platform distributed depot architecture and provides scalable short-term and long-term archiving for large amounts of documents, files, and objects. Any kind of inbound and outbound documents, files, e-mails, and any other content can be uploaded, stored and manged. File formats such as AFP, PDF, image formats (jpg, png, bpm, TIFF/FAX), E-mail, MS Office, audio, video…, including entire case files (content, data, tasks, processes) - are automatically stored and can be archived and disposed at a specific point in time.

Employees can based on the their security profile (role/policy/privilege) on Desktop/Browser and Mobile search and view content and documents, delete, bundle, separate, define index data and more.

  • Workflow and Case Management
  • Business Rules
  • Notification and Collaboration

Papyrus e-Delivery and Self-Service

Provide access to documents via the web browser and mobile and notify your customers via e-mail, sms and give customers or employees to download or ask for a printed copy.

  • Search
  • Viewing
  • E-Delivery
  • Print
  • Archiving

Papyrus Blockchain Notarize Documents

Papyrus Content Management Services are integrated with our adaptive case management (ACM) providing Blockchain secured documents. Blockchain ensures files cannot be corrupted and can be audited on demand.

For Customers exploring the Blockchain applications without large capital investments in infrastructure and training, the Papyrus Blockchain Ecosystem provides the lowest-risk gateway to make the first steps with permissioned distributed private ledger technology, for a fast-track Blockchain implementation across your business.

For Customers who are already members of Blockchain ecosystems or consortiums, specific connectors are available for the most important Blockchain platforms (e.g. Multichain, Hyperledger Fabric…).

Main features:

  • Adaptive Case Management integration
  • Cloud test environment for your evaluation of the Papyrus Blockchain Ecosystem.
  • Prototype, Test, and Build Blockchain powered notarization applications for documents
  • Develop Blockchain extensions for existing applications

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