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Case Study: UniCredit Bulbank

Delivering Consistency and Quality in Customer Operations

Unified multichannel communications platform improves service, simplicity and savings

The Business

Established in 1826, the Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Group is the oldest private Insurance organization in Switzerland. With 1.5 million customers, Mobiliar is one of Switzerland's leading insurance groups. As a multiline insurer, Swiss Mobiliar offers a full range of insurance and pension products and services with strong customer orientation and a close relationship with clients that is supported by a network of general agents.

The Challenge

Mobiliar's several thousand internal users and external insurance agents use the Papyrus platform for high-volume batch and online business document production with central management of distributed business document applications.

With annual mailing volume exceeding 6.3 million envelopes, Mobiliar generated business documents of 2-8 pages on multiple platforms with different software tools. The resulting complexity caused high costs and administration efforts:

  • Layout/content changes time- and resource-intensive
  • Security and Audit complex to fulfill
  • Corporate identity only for specific business areas
  • Duplication of documents and templates

To achieve greater efficiency and standardization, Mobiliar evaluated the implementation of a new system for 1) consolidation of all business documents on one platform and
2) simplification of template design and processes.

The Solution

Mobiliar chose Papyrus to provide a common, full-featured platform for all business documents. The transition began with implementing a consistent corporate look for all batch documents, using Papyrus Designer for the document design, templates, building blocks and layout definition, and Papyrus WebRepository to centrally store all document resources, access roles and permissions.

Next, Papyrus PrintPool added extensive post-processing capabilities with optional bundling and postal sorting, as well as a future option for e-delivery and online presentment.

Finally, Mobiliar added Papyrus Client for agents and business users, using the same Papyrus formatting, design, post-processing and document pooling components.

The Future

With the Papyrus platform, Mobiliar has successfully unified multichannel document production to deliver efficiency and quality - both online and offline:

  • Desktop users – 1,500-2,000 personalized documents daily
  • Laptop users – 1,800-2,000 personalized documents daily

Seamless integration of tools and data across users and systems has enabled a flexible and scalable approach to delivering superior customer service.

Unified operations for global success

The Mobiliar document process with Papyrus provides end-to-end data and document integration between key operational and customer information systems:

  • XML business data received via Papyrus XML Adapter
  • Papyrus DocEXEC formats document and generates on-demand AFP and PDF files with index information
    • AFP to existing BETA 93 archive
    • High-speed printing initiated to any output channel for guaranteed accuracy and quality
  • Papyrus PrintPool accepts documents from different sources at different times for bundling and sorting into one envelope
  • Post-processing information added and optimal output channel selected
  • Generated PDF document file used by CRM system

IT and business work hand-in-hand

The IT developer at Mobiliar uses Papyrus to establish and maintain the technical foundation of the document system, including data interfaces, document conditional logic, rules for versions and variants, and user authorizations by roles and policies.

Business administration personnel create, update and manage document templates, selecting and personalizing appropriate content and graphic resources via the Papyrus Client/Desktop. With this flexibility and control, authorized business staff are empowered to quickly address the changing needs of customers, agents or regulatory agencies with the desired consistency and accountability.

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Swiss Mobiliar System Blueprint

Single platform for office and agents

Mobiliar's numerous document users can work either offline or online using the same platform and definitions.

Different document templates are also available online to business administration users and offline to 1,000 insurance agents. In the field, agents generate highly personalized formatted documents after entering customer data, using Papyrus Client on a laptop to generate PDFs or print with identical quality.

Multi-language communications

Based on a flag in the customer database defining the preferred language, Papyrus dynamically includes the appropriate language variant into each customer document and generates separate documents for each desired language.

The language text and data variants managed through Papyrus WebRepository are also automatically loaded in Papyrus Client.