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Case Study: UniCredit Bulbank

Building a Global Foundation for Integrated Customer Communications

Multichannel correspondence system boosts efficiency, consistency for international claims & contract operations

The Business

KBC is an integrated bancassurance group, catering mainly to retail customers, small and medium sized enterprises and local midcaps in Belgium and Central and Eastern Europe, where it specializes in retail bancassurance and asset management. With approximately 50,000 employees worldwide and more than 12 million customers today, KBC manages an integrated portfolio of banking and insurance offerings.

The Challenge

DocEXEC for batch document generation, it had no overall correspondence system or graphical interface to create documents. Instead, users maintained building blocks in Microsoft Word, without versioning, reusable resources or corporate identity.

Initially, the system enhancement would maintain current functionality for dual-purpose insurance applications across Belgium and Poland:

  • Contract management
  • Letter writing/correspondence

The Solution

The Papyrus platform was selected for design and creation of text blocks and document templates, document generation and bundling of customer documents for multichannel output.

For KBC users, the Correspondence and Automated Document Generation System was installed on Sun across two geographic locations for desktop and browser access:

  • 40 template managers - content and infrastructure
  • 70 document managers - document creation
  • 50 application & process managers - authorizations, ­approvals and attributes
  • 12.500 business users produce and preview documents, follow predefined workflow

The Future

KBC chose the Papyrus solution for its flexibility in content management, document control, resource sharing and centralized deployment to a global user community. The new Correspondence and Automated Document Generation System established a flexible standard of document integration and communications excellence that is easily extended to its growing multinational network.

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Categorized components: With Papyrus, all KBC components (styles, templates, text blocks or contexts) are categorized in a hierarchical structure of 5 levels.

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Product & Contract: Integrated object functionality available with Papyrus includes Edit (via Papyrus Client) and Preview (via Adobe PDF), depending on user roles and rights.

Sharing resources: Local focus, global success

The advantages of Papyrus enabled KBC to both enhance current processes and expand efficiencies with integration of data and content across its global network of companies:

  • Localized GUI for interactive maintenance of templates and building blocks
  • Re-use of document templates across batch and online processes
  • Modularity of document composition and re-use in multiple documents
  • Multi-language support for identical layout with any template or building block
  • Global roll-out with centralized management

The core TBI (Text Block Infrastructure) application was used across three critical business areas to enable KBC users to create text blocks, define variables and define structure of the input data via a single, browser-based client made possible with the Papyrus EYE GUI.