Introducing Intelligent Forms for Your Business

Turning conversations into business transactions with low effort and high quality is crucial to successful business. That’s where intelligent forms come in! Imagine business forms that understand your clients’ and employees’ needs, guide them effortlessly, and don’t frustrate them. Process-driven collaboration is typically linked to fillable business forms and interactive business documents. The creation of intelligent forms with automated and ad-hoc tasks and activities that users need to perform to achieve a common goal are handled by our software.

Imagine forms that feel like conversations, not roadblocks.

  • Migrate fillable business forms to the web, avoiding paper and PDF browser plug-in limitations
  • Leverage a central repository to connect and manage users, content and processes: Create, Review, Correct, Approve, Share and Sign
  • Pre-fill forms and documents with data, no matter where your data lives
  • Use Wizards to guide users in completing data entries
  • Replace emails and attachments with a bi-directional web portal integrated with the back office
  • Let users legally sign documents with a built-in signature service or simply confirm originality with Blockchain

Intelligent forms are the backbone of customer engagement solutions. They empower organizations to facilitate two-way customer interaction, resulting in complete and accurate information collection. Our expertise in providing powerful data integration and user interface capabilities with Wizards helps automate form-filling processes, ensuring a conversational customer relationship. In DocuFlow, you quickly define forms with workflows and create/migrate your fillable business forms and interactive business documents to the platform that connects everyone, customers and employees. The benefits of this streamlined process are immense, including significant savings in cost, time and effort.

At our Open House Global event on April 28-30, we'll be discussing how intelligent forms can help your team get things done faster and make your customers’ experience seamless. You will discover how to simplify data collection, transform paper and PDF forms to Web forms, and create user-friendly forms that will make your business process run smoothly. Discover the future of forms!

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