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Simplify Document Management by Merging to Single Platform

Restructured entire document workflow with Papyrus Business Correspondence Solution

The Business

Founded in 1986, Groupama is a general insurance provider and a subsidiary of Groupama Group, a French-owned non-life insurer with a businesses history of more than 100 years. Groupama operates in 11 countries, mainly in Europe. Outside of France, the company employs 7,800 people to serve its 6 million customers. Hungary is among its major markets where Groupama is the 4th largest non-life insurer with an annual premium income of € 316 million.

The Challenge

The Groupama Group is a publicly traded company, and it conducts regular audits of its subsidiaries to ensure the highest standard of business operations. The audit for the Hungarian group recommended that all business document management (content management, batch and on-demand production) be controlled internally to reduce dependencies on third-party, state-controlled companies. Groupama needed to fulfill the following recommendations:

  • Modernize content and change management
  • Ensure accountability
  • Improve traceability
  • Secure auditability

The Solution

The company selected the Papyrus business correspondence solution and Automated Document Factory to achieve the audit’s recommendations. Groupama Hungary restructured its entire business document lifecycle around Papyrus to implement a single platform environment for all content administration and document production.

Groupama chose an internal workflow modernization project for on-demand document generation to be the door-opener for the introduction of Papyrus into its IT environment. The company integrated its existing Oracle Workflow Suite – used by insurance clerks as a front-end application for letter writing – with the Papyrus Business Correspondence Solution via Web Services through an ESB middleware layer.

Secure Integration with Web Services

Papyrus offers a secure integration with Groupama’s changing IT environment. Frontend users and backend systems are connected via Web Services that are specifically secured with X.509 Certificate Authentication and encrypted connections. Only applications with a valid cryptographic key can connect to Papyrus.

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Secure Enterprise Application Integration

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Integration of Papyrus Correspondence Solution through ESB

Easy, Fast Access to Short-Term Files with Papyrus Document Pool

While all documents are archived long-term in the existing Groupama archive, certain documents – specifically individual offer letters – must be made available for fast local reprints and bundling of the original AFP file. These documents are stored short-term in Papyrus Document Pool for up to one year as part of the Papyrus Output Management.

Efficient Template & Content Management

With Papyrus, Groupama has managed to significantly reduce costs associated with content and template management. The company can now manage its multilingual document templates and business communication content in its own business departments, instead of relying on third-party vendors and workflows based on Word files with hand-typed policies.

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Content and Template Management

The Future

Groupama is planning to utilize Papyrus for batch-produced insurance documents to achieve the following:

  • Simplified template creation and modification
  • 360-degree view of all customer communications
  • Reduce mailing costs with bundling
  • Full document lifecycle management

The company is also looking ahead to using Papyrus Capture technologies to cover inbound communications.