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Installed by world's leading brands, Papyrus Software provides a Digital Experience Platform with powerful designer tools that help organizations accelerate application modernization. Multi-disciplinary teams can create and compose complete Business Value Streams in no-code. Companies across industries are uniquely positioned to take advantage of connected technologies, data from any system, AI-powered technology, Process and Case Management with integrated Omni-Channel communications and Content Services secured by Blockchain.
Whether a bank loan, insurance claim or service ticket - customers and employees benefit from fast, seamless processes without media breaks. Learn how to design and execute any business value stream in ONE step!

14 - 16 May 2024

Meet us at our booth #201 in the exhibition hall or schedule a meeting.

Featured Products

Converse Designer | Composer

Build and deliver business applications for value streams quickly and affordably with Converse Designer/Composer. Converse bridges the gap between business needs and technical development by aligning goals with outcomes. It empowers broader teams to contribute, reducing resource constraints. This one-step design and execution process unleashes a surge in productivity. Make continuous improvements without getting bogged down by legacy issues. Converse seamlessly integrates with the Papyrus platform, core systems, content services, and omni-channel communications.

CONVERSE Client | The digital Workplace

Cut processing time by 30% and empower your team with Papyrus' Digital Workplace! Eliminate frustrating delays and media breaks in processes like loan applications, insurance claims, and service tickets. Our AI-powered platform automates tasks and streamlines workflows, empowering your teams to deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences (TX).Imagine a single, connected journey for any business process, from request to completion. Papyrus makes it a reality!

PAPYRUS WebArchive | Content Services & Blockchain

Struggling to manage customer and employee information across different systems? Our scalable solution keeps everything secure, compliant, and readily available. Papyrus' distributed Depot technology provides a secure, centralized hub for all your content, regardless of where it's stored.
Need it for self-service portals, fast access in your workspace, or legal archiving? It's all there. The integrated Blockchain technology further enhances security by guaranteeing document originality and eliminating the need for external e-signing services.

Solution Provider Session

How AI and NLP in CONVERSE transform BPM & the programming industry

The IT industry is undergoing a transformation with the advent of new technologies. AI assistants and NLP are having a major impact on how business value streams are delivered and how teams operate. Papyrus AI-powered machine learning is a process discovery and business language model that is changing the way business applications are built and how teams interact.

In this session, we will explore the ways AI and NLP for Business Ontology are transforming the BPM and the programming industry, helping business teams build their own business value stream applications in the Conversational UI.


Annemarie Pucher

Sabrina Blaukopf
Director New Technologies

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