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iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Now Available on AppStore

ISIS Papyrus WebArchive for iPhone/iPod Touch, allowing business users, agents and customers to retrieve the same enterprise documents available on your ISIS Papyrus-based Portal.

Papyrus WebArchive iPhone screens

Papyrus WebArchive iPhone screens

Papyrus WebArchive iPhone screens

Papyrus WebArchive iPhone screens

Now Papyrus users can leverage the mobility and convenience of the iPhone and the power and performance of the Papyrus platform for high-quality, on-the-go customer communications and response:

  • Customer Access - Service/Telecom/Energy companies using the WebPortal solution can allow customers with iPhones to view bills, reports or any other WebArchive stored information on their devices as if they were viewing on a standard desktop or browser
  • Service Representative/Agent Access - Insurance Agents and partners can see all customer policy or claim documents without carrying paper or a laptop to each visit…and locate addresses with Google Maps

Key Features:

  • Access methods that are available for the document
  • Activate the related process workflows (i.e., request to send via e-mail, postal mail, etc.)

Organizations with the required ISIS Papyrus software products may enable this document viewing service for their business users and customers:

  • Papyrus WebRepository
  • Papyrus WebArchive
  • Papyrus Client Concurrent Use copies for desired Client base*
*Contact ISIS Papyrus today to accommodate the desired Client base for using the Papyrus WebArchive for iPhone/iPod.
To download the Papyrus Client for iPhone/iPod Touch, users can visit the iTunes AppStore and get started right away to enhance the Papyrus experience for your business users, agents and customers.

Product Requirements - Viewing Archived Documents in WebArchive on iPhone/iPod Touch

Papyrus digital mailroom for outbound addresses the full spectrum of delivery channels - e-mail, web-delivery, fax, print and mail - including archiving. Print and mail with Papyrus benefit from one of the strongest automated document factory (ADF) implementations currently available, reducing manpower, minimizing errors and increasing throughput. Advanced bundling of different documents enable arrival at different times into one envelope, intelligent insert management and certified postal sorting for postal discount.

  • Papyrus WebRepository
    Central installation, administration and maintenance of the overall production and delivery of all business communications, documents, e-mails, faxes and SOAP messages including process management across platforms and output channels. Versioning, user authorization, auditing, monitoring, process management, job management and load balancing across multiple nodes and processors.
  • Papyrus WebArchive
    Stores and provides instant retrieval of indexed electronic documents, i.e., statements and bills. Direct AFP viewing or on-the-fly PDF conversion. Papyrus WebArchive is an object archive and stores video, voice, data and documents from different sources with common key information.
  • Papyrus Client
    Front-end concurrent user authorization for viewing objects stored in WebArchive on desktop, browser, iPod or iPhone.