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Concept Outline

Based on the Papyrus Platform Concept, Papyrus Software has developed the most powerful application development tools and infrastructure enabling central installation, administration and maintenance for all corporate document applications.

Papyrus Software provides significant benefits to your organization's customer service, marketing, and operations departments, without limiting your document creativity and flexibility. From the designer workstation, to the PC client, to the powerful processing, workflow and output management features, Papyrus delivers an integrated software solution and manages the complete document lifecycle.

Papyrus is capable of producing millions of document pages per hour on Windows, Unix/Linux, Mainframe and in the Cloud, as well as enabling interactive editing of personalized business documents on the clerk's workstation for thousands of users on Web and Mobile. Papyrus supports all code page systems, including Unicode, Arabic and Hebrew right-to-left formatting and DBCS (Double Byte Character Set) Japanese, Chinese and Korean fonts. The developed resources and application codes are stored in the central version-controlled WebRepository, which is accessible from every Papyrus component in the network. All document resources are printer independent allowing for flexible physical and digital deployment guaranteeing highest quality standards.

Cross Industry Solution

The Papyrus Document System is used around the clock by world's largest companies in all market segments, in finance, insurance, utilities, telecom, healthcare, and public sectors, helping deliver information-intensive digital solutions in a fraction of time and cost.
Papyrus delivers a holistic approach, with solutions for the entire Customer Engagement Circle with integrated content services and AI-powered process, and case management in a unified platform.

More than 30 years of experience make us a global expert in implementing customer communication management and process optimization solutions that support all digital and physical output channels on the integrated live-cycle platform. Business users get their work done faster by using Business Designer to create and improve customer-centric communications and their processes, achieving real-time omni-channel communications for digital and traditional businesses.

The Papyrus Document System offers a wide range of applications:

  • Consolidated bank, credit card, fund management and telecom statement applications with messaging
  • Insurance policies with (US state variant) forms assembly or free formatting
  • Client/server interactive correspondence applications with process management
  • Forms management and Internet forms applications with data entry by user
  • Campaign management and direct marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Portal applications and content management
  • Central and remote print and output management
  • Postal optimization with bundling of documents generated on various platforms (host, Unix, Windows)
  • Full time-line version and variant control for all application elements
  • Standard interfaces to messaging systems (MQ-Series), Web services (SOAP, REST) and SQL databases

Integrated Lifecycle Management and platform independence reduce the long-term system management effort substantially. Papyrus Adapters and Type Managers significantly reduce the time, cost and effort associated with building and maintaining application interfaces.

  • Improves customer service by simplifying business data access
  • Provides timely and concise data for document generation
  • Provides a homogeneous look to the end user for several applications
  • Opens the business data for e-commerce applications
  • Integrates business processes with documents
  • Delivers significant IT cost savings by empowering the business professional

Enterprise wide IT benefits include:

  • Develop a unified document architecture
  • Deploy a broad range of applications
  • Reduce application development time
  • Enable seamless collaboration and integration
  • Comply with government regulations
  • Reduce IT administration effort and cost
  • Consolidation to reduce system complexity
  • Maximize return on IT investments

Corporate business processes supported by Papyrus Software

The Papyrus Document System was designed to ease the integration with existing IT infrastructures and applications and enables the creation of reusable objects that map processes to existing applications, and facilitates rapid process development and immediate distributed deployment. These document and process templates are stored and deployed throughout the enterprise from the Papyrus WebRepository to mainframe, Unix, Windows and web environments without conversion, reprogramming or even recompilation. ISIS Papyrus’ peer-to-peer technology is scalable and uses system resources efficiently, enabling infinite growth to support our customers increasing demands. It provides full data and transaction integrity across many operating systems.

  • Shorten time to market for new products
  • Ensure brand consistency across all channels
  • Eliminate re-creation of existing documents
  • Perform integrated product launches
  • Publish documents in multiple languages
  • Provide customers with portal access to documents
  • Funnel website leads to sales
  • Collaborate effectively with partners and vendors

ISIS Papyrus Project and Consulting Services

ISIS Papyrus understands the challenges large corporations face to produce, manage and distribute personalized, data-driven customer documents to remain competitive in today’s market. ISIS Papyrus consultants analyze the corporation’s unique communication goals and then provide the tools and expertise necessary to produce high volume, personalized paper and electronic communication that significantly improve customer and prospect responses as well as client satisfaction. This dramatically increases return on investment and sharpens the competitive edge. Even though a Papyrus System installation and document design does not require custom programming, customers do expect and receive a complete analysis, implementation and training service package around the world. ISIS Papyrus has extensively trained consultants in every major country.