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Product Description

Papyrus Client provides business users with an intuitive interface to all Papyrus business applications with features for viewing, editing and composing business documents. Papyrus business user interfaces are based on Papyrus Desktop, Papyrus EYE Widgets, Papyrus WebPortal HTML or Papyrus Enterprise Mobile App technologies following user experience design paradigms in order to provide the most effective user interaction on any device.

Business documents are composed on business user workstations with Papyrus Client which supports the full feature set that Papyrus DocEXEC provides on server platforms and the mainframe, on premise and in the Cloud. Application integration with Papyrus Business Correspondence, Document Capture and Adaptive Case Management Solutions utilize HTML, REST and database services of server backend systems for a full workflow solution based on Papyrus WebRepository.

  • Viewing, filling and printing of digital forms on Desktop, Web/HTML or Mobile.
  • View AFP-formatted documents including AFP raster, outline and standard true type fonts.
  • Interactive formatting of dynamic documents with options for wizard guidance and free text editing.
  • Dark processing and interactive formatting of documents in AFP and PDF format directly on the user’s workstation.
  • Supports document indexing (ACIF TLE index) and full text search functions.
  • Print AFP documents directly via Windows print drivers to any desktop printer.
  • Support for PCL3/4/5/6 printing from user workstation.
  • Integrated with the Papyrus Business Designer for forms/letter/document and Wizard design
  • Uses Papyrus WebRepository application integration.


  • Filling of document fields and forms with optional wizard guidance.
  • Papyrus DocEXEC feature set allows for interactive document creation by business users with data input.
  • Integrated text editor for fully fledged text processing by business users.
  • Support for standard SQL-database interfaces for on-the-fly data queries and updates.
  • Seamless integration with any Papyrus business user interface technology (Windows desktop, HTML Web client and Mobile App).
  • Papyrus WebRepository application integration provides business event-control. E.g. send documents into department inboxes for viewing, editing and sign-off using Papyrus Client.
  • Integration with business applications and archive systems via HTML, REST and database services.
  • Viewing and printing of documents and forms in all orientations to local and network attached PCL printers.
  • Allows to print entire documents or selected pages.
  • Provides document indexing (ACIF TLE index) for metadata and search.
  • Supports PDF, HTML, Web and AFP document output formats.

Papyrus AFP Viewer

  • Utilizes original AFP fonts (raster, outline) or true type fonts for AFP document viewing and printing in 240, 300 and 600 dpi.

Papyrus Desktop

Various Papyrus Desktop technologies provide an easy-to-use business user interface for authorized users to access centrally managed business services like template libraries, print servers, printer queues and archive systems. Papyrus Client can be fully integrated into business applications using Papyrus Desktop, Papyrus EYE Widgets, Papyrus WebPortal/HTML or Papyrus Enterprise Mobile App technologies giving business users like clerks and supervisors fully authenticated application access.


  • Runs on-premise (mainframe, UNIX, Windows) or in the Cloud as HTML Web client (no Plugins) or as native Windows desktop application.
  • Platform independent document architecture guarantees WYSIWYG output for PDF, AFP, HTML and Web variants.
  • Printing on standard network printers.
  • Papyrus Business Designer for reusable CI compliant forms and document definitions by business users without IT involvement leverages operational costs through centrally managed resources.
  • Truly digital FormsFill applications without printing.
  • Indexed keyword search, full text search.
  • Application integration between mainframe, server and workstation platforms with database integration.
  • Papyrus WebRepository solutions integration with Business Correspondence, Document Capture and Adaptive Case Management.


  • Windows 8/10/Server 2012/Server 2016
  • Standard Windows workstation with min. display resolution of 1280x1024.
  • Papyrus Client/HTML requires a standard Internet Browser supporting WebAssembly (Wasm) like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge Chromium. No Plugins needed.
  • Papyrus Client/Desktop for Windows requires Papyrus Windows EYE Widgets application installed on the user workstation.
  • The document formatting functions of Papyrus DocEXEC are included in the standard product.
  • Papyrus Business Designer for document, forms and wizard resource definitions managed through Papyrus WebRepository.
  • Server formatting and print processing can be done using Papyrus Server on mainframe, Unix and Windows.
  • Printing to any network printer through a Windows printer driver.