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Making the Omni-Channel Experience A Reality

Papyrus WebPortal provides business users and customers a single, multi-purpose front-end experience

Papyrus enables organizations to rapidly deliver their own customer and user journeys and with intuitive design tools to create and implement complete business value streams: Customer/Employee Onboarding, Claims Processing, Incident Management, Order Processing, Contract Closing – from initial enquiry to completion.

Adaptive Case Management – Value Stream Request Service

Conversations and interactions are a single, connected customer journey that can span multiple channels, devices and time periods, with fast and instant access to all messages, notifications and documents on desktop, browser and mobile. Customers are fully authenticated through two-factor authentication (2FA), business users use role-specific user interfaces to self-service their needs at their convenience. They submit their data and documentation once and reused for any further activity. Papyrus ensures that the user experience is significantly improved as customer data is in the center of highly personalized business interaction.

How to bring Business Application to Mobile

Papyrus Portal Scalability

  • Made for the Cloud
  • Distributed Cross platform system & storage
  • Load balancing
  • Unlimited scalability of production nodes
  • Hot backup fail-over configuration
  • Free storage system choice
  • Full text search engine to find also not indexed data


Web Applications Security

Security definitions are an integral part of the application and therefore is embedded in the WebRepository. Papyrus provides auditing and access control capabilities along with Papyrus WebRepository functions that include hierarchical delegated administration, monitoring, digital signatures, data encryption, user authorization and authentication.

Centralized Content Services

The Papyrus WebArchive provides you with temporary, staged or permanent distributed depot storage. Organizations use the Business Designer to create the structure of indexes/metadata with taxonomy or full text search. The complete case and its content can be stored with retention periods and can be automatically deleted based on rules or exported into a third-party archive. Companies can choose to provide an Internet based service, and notify their clients via e-mail or SMS, offering them the option to see their documents and messages in the Web browser and optionally print them as necessary.

Cloud Solution Architecture

Papyrus in the Cloud

Whether deploying to the cloud, virtual machines or on-premise servers, Papyrus Software is designed to natively utilize the unique advantages of your chosen architecture.

Cloud Solution Architecture

Orchestration - Integration

Papyrus orchestrates all types of processes, integrates with data from core systems and omni-channel communications and provides a single view of all activities in a business value stream with a holistic experience, transparency and ensuring compliance at a fraction of the cost and without traditional coding.

Orchestration and Integration

The Papyrus Digital Experience Platform delivers:

Expense and Travel Management Request Driven Real-Time Omni-Channel Experience
As customers start their journey through their channel of choice and are switching mid-journey among channels, employees need to do the same in order to follow the customer across any number and combination of channels. Teams need to work collaboratively through approval processes and pro-actively share and exchange informtion. Papyrus Omni-Channel engages with customers through their preferred channels via two-way messaging, e-mail, chat, mobile and social channels and delivers highly personalized business letters in real-time.
Expense and Travel Management Effortless Integration of Enterprise Applications
The Papyrus platform bridges the gap between customer-facing and back-end activities. There is only one login and one dashboard where users can see everything about a particular business case in one place. Similarly, your customers only need to visit one website to find out everything they need to know about your business. Loosely coupled adapters for front-end solutions (Salesforce, SAP, Guidewire) and legacy applications, ensuring a smooth orchestration process for all customer data and communication from any system.
Expense and Travel Management Intelligent Data Capture
Achieve a high level of automation by training the machine with pattern recognition of all types of incoming mail; unstructured documents and emails. Papyrus Business Designer specializes in supporting data capture and OCR to effectively classify, extract and validate data during content and case management without the need to type by hand or involve IT.
Expense and Travel Management Centralized Content Services
Papyrus WebArchive is a powerful, scalable, short and long-term storage solution built on the secure, robust and fully integrated document lifecycle platform. Internal access for staff and secure online web access for customers and partners to any content, including complete processes with incoming and outgoing mail and call records, with retention periods and GDPR compliance is provided through standard web browsers and mobile devices.
Expense and Travel Management Adaptive Case Management
Automation and orchestration of all types of processes - from fully automated robotic processes to adaptive collaborative processes and case management is supported in a single environment. You can automate what is possible, define rules achieving compliance, but also enable knowledge work in an integrated process landscape for handling exceptions, ad hoc and unforeseen tasks. All on one platform!

With the Papyrus Digital Experience Platform organizations can:

  • Design and deploy their own customer and user journeys with our powerful Business Designer tools
  • Build high-value business value streams and radically improve the client experience
  • Improve operational efficiencies by up to 80% with the Operations Designer
  • By automating inbound mail to eliminate data entry or human errors save on time and effort
  • Re-use templates, streamline exception handling, expediting business value stream implementations
  • With quicker implementation times they are faster in time to market
  • Ensure compliance through orchestration
Omni-Channel Communications


As customers are switching among channels, employees need to do the same in order to follow the customer across any number and combination of channels.

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Self-Service Portal


Provides business users and consumers a single multi-purpose front-end experience.

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Request driven Online Communications

Request driven
Online Communications

Provide personalized, custom-made content in the specific context of the customer, instantly in real-time.

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Experience Platform

Business value streams, a contract, a claim or a ticket, benefit from a one-stop service and response, with all interactions and activities consolidated in a single place.

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