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Customer Response Management

Client Challenge

As incoming business mail, such as a claim, enters through multiple channels, browser-based access to all customer records and business correspondence is essential for timely and relevant responses.

  • Manual processing is minimized through automatic classification and extraction of vital information from incoming mail (paper, fax and e-mail messages).
  • Automatic routing based on business rules to a user department enables customer care staff to generate an automatic or user-interactive response based on user authorization.
  • Document status, clerk activity monitoring, response time/date tracking by service code and auditing help ensure timely reaction and consistent improvements to customer service.
  • Generated personalized response letters must be compliant with corporate design, look and feel, using corporate templates, fonts and forms and optional electronic or centralized print-and-mail delivery.

Offer Description

The Papyrus Response Management Solution receives and classifies inbound customer correspondence, extracts data content and routes - all based on the defined process and depending on business rules to user departments (customer care, sales) - for timely, relevant and accurate response.

  • Extracted data is stored in a CRM database
  • An individual response using customer and business data is created immediately, minimizing manual processing by automatic or semi-automatic creation of letters
  • Papyrus Business Correspondence functionality enables staff to create and modify outgoing letters and e-mails using the integrated output management for optimized print and mail
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The Papyrus Response Management solution offers one integrated, user-friendly GUI (Papyrus EYE) for viewing and working with inbound and outbound correspondence.

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The Papyrus Response Management solution offers one integrated, user-friendly GUI (Papyrus EYE) for viewing and working with inbound and outbound correspondence.

Value Delivered

Key Benefits/Value

  • Entire incoming and outgoing correspondence process is automated, standardized and streamlined
  • Minimized manual processing via automatic classification and extraction of virtual information
  • Automatic routing to a business department or user executing defined business rules
  • Tracking and management reporting of all contacts and communications
  • No integration effort - Papyrus is already integrated end to end (inbound/outbound)
  • Timely and consistent response to customer inquiries
  • Support for policy and regulatory compliance

Key Features

  • Multiple channels supported
    • Inbound - paper, fax, e-mail, Web, SOAP
    • Output by selection - print, Web, fax, e-mail
  • Self-learning technology ensures that all types of documents can be classified
  • Fuzzy matching to find the correct customer data in the database
  • Validation and manual correction
  • Integrated security (user authorization, data encryption, auditing, digital signature)
  • Automated system response or user-interactive personalized response
  • Robust correspondence functionality
    • Text editing, spell check, multiple languages
    • Templates, building block reuse, tables
    • Rules, variable insert
    • Full WYSIWYG layout, view and print
  • Multiple clerks can create a consolidated letter for supervisor sign off/approval
  • Flexible integration with CRM systems providing standard Adapters and Typemanagers

Product Configuration: Response Management Business Application

  • Papyrus WebRepository
    Management infrastructure for user and document security, plus versioning of resources and applications, as well as browser-based Papyrus Webportal with HTTPs WebServer
  • Papyrus Designer /Capture
  • Papyrus Recognition Server
    Data extraction and mail classification
  • Papyrus Scan Professional
    User correction of incomplete data capture
  • Papyrus Client /Capture
    Scanning for incoming paper mail
  • Papyrus Designer Package
    Outbound document/letter design, data variable definition, complex logic definition
  • Papyrus Client/Desktop
    Business administrator and staff interfaces to generate and modify business correspondence

Services estimated:

  • Corporate document design Scoping: 5 days
  • Proof of Concept/Pilot: 10 to 15 days
  • Implementation Support and Consultancy: depending on POC estimated 80 days
  • Training:
    Papyrus Designer – 5 days
    Papyrus Objects Developer – 5 days
    Papyrus Objects Administrator – 5 days
    Papyrus Capture – 5 days

Optional: Centralized Output Management – Print and Mail, e-Delivery, Archiving

  • Papyrus Postprocessing/PrintPool
    Bundling different output documents into one envelope per addressee, plus sorting and optimizing for print and mail
  • Papyrus Server
  • Papyrus Recognition Server
    Printing to all standard laser printers, fax and email
  • Papyrus Adapter/MQ, SOA
    Loose coupling of business data and business document, platform and compiler independence, plus messaging and SOA compliance
  • Papyrus WebArchive
    Storage and instant retrieval of indexed electronic documents in AFP and PDF, Papyrus AFP Viewer for direct AFP viewing, plus AFP-to-PDF conversion on the fly