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Papyrus Adaptive Process Platform

The Papyrus Platform offers a comprehensive, flexible and scalable solution for ACM Adaptive Case Management Applications. Organizations can define, measure and manage process, content and data in complex service environments with a shared customer view and customized GUIs.

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Papyrus Adaptive Process Platform

The Power of One System

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A one system solution or just the capabilities you need

The mission critical ACM applications are built from a foundation of Papyrus standard software components.

Papyrus Standard Software: Functionality and Applications

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Papyrus Software Components

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Adaptive Case Management Business Applications

Papyrus ACM Quick Facts

Papyrus Adaptive Case Management offers your organization the most advanced software solution for enabling knowledge workers to manage the complexity, quality and change of case-related activity:

  • "Design by Doing" - users create, modify and analyze processes on the fly
  • Flexibility in execution of ACM at the manager, architect and knowledge worker levels
  • Tight but flexible integration and management of process, content and data
  • Consolidation of data, content, rules, goals and interaction for compliance
  • Consolidated view of inbound and outbound activity, documents and status
  • User presentation (GUI) is user-definable by role using Widget technology
  • Outbound business content is developed and maintained by business users
  • Knowledge workers leverage personalization, automation and organization of communications
  • Consolidation of multichannel outbound delivery for personalized communications
  • Management can define quality goals and outcomes

Frequently Asked Questions on ACM

  • Is Papyrus compatible with the Microsoft .net framework environment?
  • Is Papyrus compatible with Microsoft products?
  • The product we are looking for has to be highly customizable - what kind of customization does Papyrus offer?
    The Papyrus Platform uses a model-preserving concept, which means that all application, content and process functionality is freely definable as objects, relationships and rules. The supplied Adaptive Case Management framework can be modified and extended without programming by a trained person. Content, processes and rules can be modified by non-technical, properly authorized business users.
  • What workflow capability does Papyrus offer?
    Papyrus ACM offers standard BPMN 2.0 workflow capability. It also offers adaptive processes, which are defined through goals by business users and can be modified at runtime.
  • What is the out-of-the-box reporting capability of Papyrus?
    The Papyrus Platform allows you to monitor any process or data aspect, including low-level auditing of system functions. Its powerful reporting engine that can query, gather and process any data from running or completed processes and create tables or charted reporting in a user dashboard, in PDF or in print.
  • Does Papyrus have a digital signature capability?
    Signing and encrypting PDFs is a standard feature of Papyrus. All users must be authenticated to act in the platform. There is also a biometric interface for authentication and an interface to digitally sign documents with a preferred digital signature solution.
  • Can documents be placed in a repository and attached to a case at anytime in the process?
    Any inbound content can be captured, classified, data extracted and stored in the repository archive (Papyrus or external) and automatically assigned to a case, a user or even a particular task. Any required outbound content can be requested by users, filled with process data and then e-mailed or printed and stored in the repository archive (Papyrus or external).
  • What versioning capability does your product offer?
    The Papyrus Platform offers full versioning for all objects and process definitions with timed, automatic deployment.