Corporate Profile
ISIS Papyrus Software offers an end-to-end solution for consolidated inbound and outbound business communication and process management, based on natively integrated standard software components and solution frameworks.

The Papyrus Business Communication and Process platform uses a repository to consolidate business data, rules, content, processes, tasks, activities and the GUI for a single point of collaboration, communication and control. By consolidating ECM, CRM and BPM into a single solution, ISIS Papyrus enterprise customers can benefit from a patented, real-world solution for unifying customer-focused processes and aligning customer communications and activity with business goals.

More than 2,500 customers worldwide utilize Papyrus products 24/7 to improve customer operations across systems, departments and channels.


The ISIS Papyrus Group is a unique expert player in enterprise software – we enable business applications for digital transformation, operational enhancement and customer engagement. More than 350 employees worldwide deliver on a tradition of excellence in meeting customer requirements based on insight into customer-to-employee, employee-to-content and content-to-process relationships.

In 2018 the privately held ISIS Papyrus Group celebrates 30 years of customer-oriented software innovation, continuing profitability above industry average, substantial cash reserves and typical annual growth of 10 percent. With its operational European headquarters in Vienna, ISIS Papyrus today has 16 corporate offices on 3 continents, including the American headquarters in Dallas-Fort Worth and the Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore.

ISIS Papyrus Development Centers (4):

Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain

ISIS Papyrus Service & Support Centers (11):

Austria/Vienna (Global HQ); Belgium/Braine l´Alleud; France/Paris; Italy/Ivrea; Netherlands/Amsterdam; Nordics/Copenhagen; Singapore; Spain/Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla; UK/Kingsclere; USA/Dallas


Leading with mainframe forms design in 1988, ISIS Papyrus leveraged its powerful cross-platform document formatting tool to develop the unique content- and process-driven Papyrus Business Information Platform in 2000.

Today, we offer a new breed of software. Papyrus has evolved into a flexible business application platform natively designed to support internal and external users securely across the enterprise on desktop, browser and mobile devices, linking to social and running in the Cloud.

The Papyrus Platform for Business Communication and Process was designed to consolidate customer-centric processes through a productive, metadata repository. It drives change management across a distributed multi-OS infrastructure - bridging mainframe, UNIX, PC, Web and mobile/social environments without conversion, reprogramming or even recompilation.

ISIS Papyrus’ patented, peer-to-peer grid technology is scalable and provides full data and transaction integrity without the need for Java application or database servers. Further, Papyrus was the first software system known to use real-time machine-learning for automated business process discovery.

For content and processes that link all systems, applications and people around the globe to collaborate across different time zones, languages, and cultures, Papyrus supports all code page systems, including Arabic and Hebrew with right-to-left formatting, as well as Japanese, Chinese and Korean fonts.


ISIS Papyrus accelerates design and implementation for customers through the creation and delivery of Framework Solutions, which include core application architecture, functionality and features that can be quickly customized and configured to meet the unique business and operational needs of each organization.


Papyrus delivers a comprehensive but flexible solution for personalized and individualized communication in real time, using multiple channels and devices, across divisions and departments. Integrated design, composition, generation, multichannel output and edelivery as well as archiving ensure corporate consistency, omnichannel preferences and closed-loop communication for effective customer engagement, output management and campaign results. Smart document design, streamlined administration and multimedia capabilities ensure that the business can execute on strategy, on time and on budget.


Handling complex customer and operational activities demands a cohesive approach for combining collaboration, content, data and process – including response to exceptions that is based on human knowledge. Papyrus ACM includes goal orientation and business rules to align and coordinate activities, content, rules and user interface, as well as integration with external systems. Papyrus implements the full range of ACM from straight-through processes to dynamic processes to completely unstructured processes, driven by ad-hoc content such as e-mail or social media.


Customer communication and business documents arrive in multiple forms and channels across the enterprise, offering the opportunity to acquire, use, and even respond to incoming information to improve service, satisfaction and results. Optimizing the capture and processing of those communications is now possible through a common platform for acquisition across all inbound channels with the same intelligent “document understanding” and integration with key processes, applications and systems.


One Company – One Voice

The Papyrus Platform enables enterprise organizations to centrally manage, administer and deploy document resources, data and definitions for all types of business documents and users. The core WebRepository ensures consistency in all activity, communication, processes and reuse of building blocks across document types. By unifying inbound and outbound communications with processes linked to enterprise systems, ISIS Papyrus enables organizations to interact with customers as One Company with One Voice.

Business Architecture

The Papyrus Platform enables definition of the business architecture to define a strong link between business strategy and execution, using business terms as a language of process to empower the business user to describe the process semantically in the course of daily work.

End-to-End Integration

The tightly integrated ECM, portal and collaboration capabilities of Papyrus support rapid development, deployment and maintenance of custom desktop, Web and mobile applications for Digital Business. The Papyrus approach to streamline system, data and application integration makes it easier to define business processes, improve employee productivity, simplify supply chain processes, strengthen regulatory compliance and achieve rapid performance improvements throughout the enterprise.

Mobile, Handheld and Social Support

Business documents are delivered to iPhone and Android; business forms are completed on tablets; data capture via mobile e-forms and photo data extraction are common requests in field service and sales processes. With Papyrus, all documents and forms can be delivered in the same quality to mobile and browser for cross-platform consistency and efficiency - with no JavaScript coding requiremen. Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn can be fully integrated into the business communication process by a social adapter.

Interactive Business Correspondence

The Papyrus GUI empowers business users to improve customer service and support quality without the extra delays, resources and expense of programming Web-enabled versions of desktop applications. Account teams work in a browser to respond to customers - selecting the same templates and editing features, enabling/disabling text blocks and routing for approval, just as in the desktop application. The business now creates and manages content, templates and documents for batch and online production, as well as for interactive in-document editing, ad-hoc reporting, contracts and correspondence.

Online Channel to Omnichannel

Customers want real-time reactions so Papyrus ensures your organization’s online channel is designed for real-time response. Papyrus integrates flexibly with your business systems and applications to fast-track user requests and enable real-time assistance through self-service forms, live chat or customized documents - now the front office connects with the back office faster to make doing business with you easier. In addition, business teams design and maintain without IT involvement for changes and updates that benefit customers sooner. Papyrus multichannel output accommodates dynamic content at time of delivery as well as support for responsive HTML formats and notifications. And when closing the loop with your customer, Papyrus gives you secure, fast, confidential, traceable and legally binding omnichannel eDelivery. Besides delivering business documents via e-mail, SMS, browser and portal, Papyrus can send the same document in perfect quality to all mobile devices and ensure that printing is always an option with full output management and reporting across platforms and output channels – all for a seamless customer experience.


The Papyrus Platform for Business Communication and Process enables critical business benefits for high-quality customer communications and operations:

  • Shorten time to market for new products
  • Empower business to act, respond, resolve & improve
  • Ensure brand consistency across channels
  • Share a consolidated customer perspective
  • Ensure seamless collaboration & integration
  • Align activity goals with management objectives
  • Deliver secure portal & mobile service to customers
  • Provide closed-loop processes for partners & vendors
  • Improve accountability, compliance & productivity

A reference selection from more than 2,500 ISIS Papyrus customers across industries

  • Finance: ABN AMRO Asia, Banco Pastor, BNP Paribas, CapitalOne, Chinatrust (CTCB), Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HFC Bank, KBC, Lloyds TSB, Raiffeisen, UBS, Unicredit Bulbank, Union Investment
  • Insurance: AG Insurance, AIB, Allianz, AXA, Baloise, CGU, DAS, Empire BCBS, ENRA, Equitable Life, Euler Hermes, Generali, Great West Life, Helvetia/National Suisse, Mobiliar, NFU Mutual, Nordea, P&V, Sanitas, Sun Life, Thrivent, Tryg, Wellpoint, Zürich Group
  • Telecom: Belgacom, Bell South, Cyprus Telecom (Cyta), Debitel, Jazztel, Maxis, Orange, Singtel, SwissCom, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Telekom Austria, Vodafone
  • Public/Government: Austrian National Library, Chambre of Commerce Austria, City of Vienna, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Comune di Milano, European Patent Office, General Vote in Bosnia-Herzegovina, GIS, San Diego City Schools, State of California, State of Oregon, State of Wyoming, Vote in Swiss
  • Utilities/Energy: AGSM, Consumers Energy, First Energy, KELAG, National Grid, PSEG, Scottish and Southern Energy, Stadtwerke Wuppertal, Wienstrom Vienna
  • Services: Air Egypt, Air France, American Airlines, ATOS, BASF, Canon, EDS, Experian, FDR, Fiserv, InfoImage, Lufthansa, Paneon, Ricoh, RRDonnelley, SEMA Group, Siemens, Swiss Air, T-System, TNT Post, TSYS, Volkswagen, Xerox
  • Postal: Canada Post, Deutsche Bundespost/e-post, Jersey Post, Postel, PTT Luxembourg, Royal Mail, Swedish Post, USPS
  • Manufacturing/Retail: Avon Cosmetics, Bally Shoes, IKEA, Miele & Cie, Renault, Sherwin-Williams