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Papyrus Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Today, word-of-mouth marketing is being amplified by social media – influencing products we buy and companies we trust. What people are saying about your company on social media is crucial, and you need an effective plan to address comments, solve customer problems and provide assistance.

Does your customer service plan involve social media?

Papyrus Software’s digital platform fully integrates with all social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can quickly react to inquiries using enhanced customer data and real-time monitoring.

Social Media Channels Integrated

For example, when a customer complains via Twitter about the service he received, information is taken from the Twitter message and mapped directly into a case within the Papyrus ACM framework. Papyrus Capture capabilities will extract all information from the tweet and classify data that is important to the case.

The customer is responded to using the Correspondence framework to handle the outbound communication. Customer service clerks select from document templates available in the library prebuilt with headers, footers, images and text. The customer can receive the response via multiple channels, including a Twitter message within seconds of the original post.

Inbound Capture Integrated

Social media platforms are continuously monitored to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. With the Papyrus ACM framework, clerks are able to navigate and search social media to identify any messages that may need addressing.

Within the workflow, the user interface will provide clerks with all the relevant information about the case. Using the account name, various details are pulled up from the CRM database and fed directly into the case.

Correspondence Integrated