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Papyrus Mobile Business Solutions

Next-generation eDelivery

In order to meet cost reduction targets and environmental compliance goals, most companies are moving to replace most paper communications and reporting with eDelivery. With Papyrus, all electronic documents and forms can be delivered in the same quality to the mobile device and the browser for cross-platform consistency and efficiency.

Multichannel eDelivery

SMS with Hyperlink to Document

E-mail and SMS

Papyrus supports email distribution of documents in HTML format and/or with PDF attachments, as well SMS notification with a traceable hyperlink to the document.

Having one document for any channel has clear benefits but Papyrus also supports different layouts by channel or even by recipient.

With a trend of more and more people accessing the Internet solely through smartphones without a wired Internet connection at home (or on the go), varying the layout by channel can bring additional benefits as information and promotions are specifically tailored to the viewing preference of the recipient.

Interactive PDF

Interactive PDFs with fill-in forms and sortable tables that can include personalized promotion videos are supported by Papyrus, providing unique opportunities for improving customer satisfaction and sales results.

Interactive PDF with Video and Dynamic Table

eDelivery Tracking Dashboard

Interactive HTML

Interactive PDFs are not usually well supported on mobile devices. In most cases, not even the hyperlinks within the PDF are supported.

Papyrus transforms your document into HTML, so your document will look exactly the same as on paper or in PDF as well as having support for interactivity and hyperlinks that overcome the mobile PDF problems.

Papyrus is able to track when users have opened e-mails and clicked a hyperlink. In addition, simply clicking a telephone number makes a call, clicking on an e-mail address opens an email window and hyperlinks to other Web sites and YouTube are also supported.

Interactive HTML

QR Codes to scan in the shop

QR Code and EDM Location-based

The technique used for electronic boarding cards, with an email or PDF containing a barcode (2D matrix) on your smartphone, can also be used to generate revenue, increase loyalty and track consumer behavior.

Discount coupons can be scanned at the store by showing the barcode on your smartphone.