ISIS Papyrus Software Joins ACM Workshop at OnTheMove Conference in Austria

The Adaptive Case Management Workshop, presented by the OnTheMove 2013 Conference, was held at the Technical University of Graz, Austria, on September 10-11. Organized by Dr. Ilia Bider of Stockholm University and Keith Swenson of Fujitsu, the workshop brought a good chance for researchers and practitioners to meet each other and discuss theoretical and practical problems and solutions in the area of ACM and other non-workflow approaches to BPM.

A focus on agility requires a paradigm shift in BPM that promotes process execution rules being less prescriptive to give people the opportunity to creatively use their knowledge and experience in volatile environments.

Adaptive Case Management “... is information technology that exposes structured and unstructured business information (business data and content) and allows structured (business) and unstructured (social) organizations to execute work (routine and emergent processes) in a secure but transparent manner.”  ( The goal of the workshop was to promote new, non-traditional ways of modeling and controlling business processes, the ones that promote and facilitate collaboration and creativity in the frame of business processes. ISIS Papyrus Software participated in multiple roles at the two-day conference:

We presented our paper 'Setup and Maintenance Factors of ACM Systems' in a joint collaboration with University of Economics of Vienna which aims to represent the ACM concepts and the setup and maintenance factors of the ISIS Papyrus ACM system. The flexibility of the system was demonstrated in the context of Service Contract Management, where the unpredictable requests from customers need to be fulfilled. With the excellent presentation by Max Pucher, we received many interesting questions and requests from audiences to know more about the ISIS Papyrus system. A video showed how the system can support Contract Clerk to deal with the situation.

ISIS Papyrus was also part of the panel in the workshop "Does theory facilitates or hinders practice?" where the gap between practitioners and researches was addressed and how both sides can be motivated to work closely together, which is one of the core interests of the ISIS Papyrus Academy.

Official Workshop Paper

Setup and Maintenance Factors of ACM Systems by Thanh Tran Thi Kim, Max J. Pucher and Christoph Ruhsam - ISIS Papyrus Europe AG Jan Mendling - Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Institute for Information Business

Published by Y.T. Demey and H. Panetto (Eds.): OTM 2013 Workshops, LNCS 8186, pp. 172–177, 2013.
© Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013


About ISIS Papyrus Software:

Global software innovator ISIS Papyrus offers a flexible software platform for fully integrated inbound and outbound communications, personalization and process optimization in customer-focused environment in the financial, insurance, utility, telecom, healthcare and public sectors. Based on a proven application platform for consolidating ECM, BPM and CRM, the Papyrus Business Communication and Process Platform enables flexibility, efficiency, collaboration, quality and continuous improvement of customer-focused content and processes. With 16 offices, 14 subsidiaries and four development centers, ISIS Papyrus supports more than 2,000 enterprise customers worldwide who use Papyrus standard software for business applications to manage customer communications & billing, business correspondence, case/claims management, multichannel delivery, ADF, indexed capture and targeted messaging. As an active member of AIIM, OASIS, OMG and ACORD, ISIS Papyrus supports and promotes technology and standards benefiting the business user.


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