Orchestration through powerful integration

Often, and usually out of expediency, companies tend to implement multiple communication platforms within core applications without understanding that they need to be either consolidated or interconnected. This is where the use of a middleware platform that enables multiple ways of communication between two or more applications on a distributed network can greatly help. By facilitating the connection of applications that were not designed to be connected to each other and providing capabilities for intelligent connectivity, a customer communication platform middleware streamlines the development of document applications and holistic business value streams, reducing time to market.

However, standard software as middleware goes far beyond this. Portal middleware, for example, includes both the front-end of the application and tools for back-end connectivity and the database with its own data store. And this emerging class of middleware platform uses container technology to help developers connect to resources that may be distributed across multiple clouds. This enables an organisation to establish a hub for enterprise integration - a standardised way to connect all applications, application components, business processes and back-end data sources across the extended enterprise.

Making sure your user experience is positive is crucial. When responding to service requests, signing contracts, on-boarding customers or processing orders, businesses engage with their customers through a growing number and mix of agent-assisted and self-service channels. Due to the increasing frequency and complexity of customer interactions, organizations need a solid customer engagement strategy supported by a set of specific capabilities. Building such a customer engagement hub means improving the quality and integrity of the customer onboarding and lifecycle, beyond the disconnected customer experience.

Using the Papyrus platform there is only one login and one dashboard where users can see everything about a particular business case in one place. Likewise, your customers only have to visit one website to find out everything they need to know related to your organization. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) with the Papyrus Platform middleware means loosely coupled adapters to front-end solutions (Salesforce, SAP, Guidewire) and legacy applications, or in-house and client facing channels (web portals) ensuring a smooth orchestration process for all client data and communication from each system. You can accelerate application delivery by providing a runtime hosting environment, such as a repository container, for applications and business logic. This platform as a middleware can connect to enterprise application servers, web servers and content management systems.

Visit us at the Papyrus Global Open House Conference from 12 to 14 June 2022, in our Competence Center in Austria and experience in our demo center how integration works in practice.

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