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We are at a crossroads of technology in the evolution of business process management. Let me explain: Not everyone is aware that the majority of process executions require leaving the documented ‘happy path’ of a process for completion. Performers should not need to leave the process environment to perform unexpected work or simply to communicate. It should not be a technical challenge to modify an otherwise standardized process and extend its functionality for future use.

The decades-old approach of drawing tasks into flowcharts is just about good enough for documentation, but has reached its end-of-life and, more importantly, its viability for future progress and expansion. Not only are the participants not even aware of the needed outcomes and further ad-hoc automation produces unmanageable spaghetti-code.

We propose that a conversational approach with embedded rules and supported by machine learning is the future. But we don’t need to start from zero and therefore the use of the well-known value stream definition with stages and desired outcomes is practical. In Converse Designer, the definition of a value stream actually starts from the desired outcome and is defined by the previous actions and rules until they achieve the outcome of each stage.

A business related set of terms are used to freely define the data and rules from existing business libraries. In this way, management, analysts and consultants can be seamlessly involved in the analysis and the actual creation of a process. Only the data interfaces to other systems need to be defined once by technical staff and can be reused for each value stream.

Not only do users have full transparency over the definitions, but their performance leads to further training through the integrated machine learning with the ‘User Trained Agent’, thus achieving the goals in the best possible way. Data can be entered by the user, read or written to and from interfaces, leading to orchestration. Activities do not have to follow a strict sequence, but are limited by business rules where necessary, so that maximum freedom in execution is achieved.

The conversational user interface, by design, does not require coding as semantic meaning is supported by Natural Language Processing, with actions constrained by business rules stored in a conversational memory for effective machine learning and auditing.

To learn more about the new way of building business value streams meet top-notch experts and visionary minds at this year’s Open House America conference 1-3 Oct 2023, attend the virtual Converse Workshop on 6 September 2023 and request a free trial of Converse Designer.

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