Blockchain – The Better Way to E-Sign

When it comes to digital documents and electronic signatures, it is blockchain technology that eliminates concerns about manipulated or even forged electronic documents. Blockchain is known to make the e-signing process very secure and stable avoiding costly external e-sign services.
Blockchain uses the concept of hash which is like a fingerprint for every block. Because blockchain records are tamper-proof, electronic records cannot be improperly manipulated or forged. Unless absolutely necessary, intermediaries and electronic signatures are no longer required to sign contracts and agreements, eliminating the associated time delays and fees.

Harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, our Solutions team has created the Papyrus Blockchain Ecosystem, which guarantees the originality of every document, transaction, content and message. Blockchain has a different legal value than electronic signatures. It does not use a trusted legal authority and means high efficiency and encrypted data from 'request to completion' of a business value stream. Every step of the process generates notifications and alerts to all parties and produces a shared ledger of all activity. The result is a final document, stored in one location accessible by only the parties with clearance. Papyrus Content Services together with blockchain guarantees compliance and originality where trusted documents and records cannot be corrupted and can be audited on demand.

Now companies can use the consumer-friendly front-end experience for their contracts, mortgages and agreements - seamlessly integrated with the Papyrus digital workplace on the back-end. Security concepts have been implemented in the Papyrus Blockchain Ecosystem. A signature process includes originality, authenticity, validity and verifiability. The authenticity of all signers is ensured through a blockchain-encrypted process and a signature certificate is issued to them.
Documents can be drafted and generated, proposed, revised, executed and signed all within the Papyrus Blockchain Ecosystem platform. Multiple parties can work in a contract case, share content, make decisions and collaborate on a final document version in real time. The process is a seamlessly connected experience.

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