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Papyrus Academy Announcement: Virtual Workshops

  • Book our award-winning workshops here: Registration form
  • All scheduled workshops are now available as virtual workshops. Programs, dates, times and pricing are the same.
  • Custom Workshops with course content tailored to your specific requirements are available on request.

Papyrus Document Designer and Formatting Workshop

Development of formatted documents and statement applications

Workshop details...

Papyrus Objects System Administrator Workshop

Administration of the Papyrus Objects Platform for business processes and application analysis

Workshop details...

Papyrus Objects Developer Workshop

Developing object-oriented business applications in conjunction with the Papyrus WebRepository

Workshop details...

Papyrus Experts Workshops

Development of enhanced DOCDEF documents and workflow applications using Papyrus WebRepository

Workshop details...

Papyrus Correspondence / Business Designer Workshop

Usage of the Papyrus Business Correspondence Solution for business departments

Workshop details...

Papyrus Correspondence / Administrator and Developer Workshops

Configuration and extension of the Papyrus Business Correspondence Solution:

Workshop details...

Papyrus Output Management Workshop

Develop output management applications for bundling, distribution, e-delivery, multi-channel output and archiving

Workshop details...

Papyrus Certified Professional Program

The Papyrus Certification Program establishes the necessary basis for a recognized skill level for specific Papyrus certification modules

Certification details...

Papyrus Capture Workshops

Design and administration of Papyrus Capture Applications in Papyrus Objects

Workshop details...

Papyrus Academy Announcement: Virtual Workshops

Prerequisites for Participants

  • PC or laptop with Internet access bandwidth min. 5 Mbit/s, keyboard and mouse.
  • Access from the trainee/participant machine to a trainee-specific Amazon Cloud IP address that will be provided before the workshop. We recommend for optimal UX (performance, responsiveness) a direct internet access without in-directions through e.g. company VPN.
  • Two Full HD Monitors are recommended: Main screen with large screen size (e.g. 24") for using the workshop setup; another screen to keep permanently an eye on the video conference with the instructions of the trainer.
  • The Papyrus trainer will invite the trainees/participants into a ZOOM conference meeting.
  • Each participant will need a personal video camera and headset or built-in microphone and speaker for seamless communication (hands free).
  • The trainer will present through ZOOM shared screen sessions the Papyrus workshop content with explanations and instructions. Participants follow the training sessions in their personal virtual classroom environment.
  • The trainer can access each participant's screen through ZOOM for online assistance and personalized learning and problem investigation.
  • Training times from 9.00 - 17.00 per day with breaks after 60-minute units and a lunch break between 12.00 - 13.00.

General Information & Services

Our Services:

  • Course planning and support by defining the course content
  • Qualified trainers
  • Training material with samples
  • Course Guides (DVD or download)

Your Benefits:

  • Course content tailored to your requirements
  • Discussing special project requirements
  • Developing your own document applications
  • More time for specific questions
  • No travel cost for attendees

If you do not have access to a training room with the necessary hardware and software, we can offer the workshop in one of our training centers in Vienna, Dallas or Singapore.


To register please complete and submit the online registration.

You will receive a written confirmation with the accurate course information, a map to find the course location and a choice of hotels nearby. We are happy to book the hotel reservation for you if required. More information on available hotels can be found here.

Cancellation of the course is free of charge up to two weeks before the course date. After that, the full fee for the course applies.

We would like to point out that workshops might be postponed due to low registration and recommend taking this into account when arranging your flight schedule. Please note that all our prices are quoted net and do not include local taxes.

Course guides (DVD or download) are included in the price. All prices are excluding tax. Terms and conditions for ISIS Papyrus Services apply.