• Working on complex document requirements using extended Papyrus Designer and DocEXEC features and functions
  • Accessing object definitions in the Papyrus WebRepository directly from DocEXEC
  • Extended use of the Papyrus Query Language (PQL) as script language of the WebRepository
  • Application analysis with Papyrus APA


  • Application developers
  • Application analysts


  • For both Modules: Papyrus Document Design and Formatting Workshop
  • For Module 2: Papyrus Objects Developer Workshop


  • 2 modules (2+3 days), which can also be attended separately


  • Mon 11-17
  • Tue – Thu 9-17
  • Fri 9-15


Module 1 (M1E)

Papyrus Designer Advanced Lessons

(2 days, Mon–Tue)

Designing a complex data application:

  • Reading of multiple input files (RECORD, XMLREAD, READLINE)
  • Tagged data formats like HTML
  • COBOL copy book data
  • EDIFACT data
  • Xerox DJDE data
  • Structured variable arrays
  • Advanced page break handling
  • Barcodes (2D, QR)
  • Conditional data processing
  • White space management by DOCDEF applications

Migration of DCF, IPDT or ASF:

  • Reading DCF tagged input data

SAP applications:

  • Data interfaces (OTF and RDI)
  • Enhancement of the SAP layout

Interactive document applications:

  • AFP Designer: Creation of a FormsFill application
  • Papyrus Designer/Papyrus Client: Creation of a Prompting application
  • Interactive PDF Form applications

Tuning and debugging:

  • Using the Papyrus Designer Debugger
  • Performance tuning with timings profiler
  • Image and color options

Module 2 (M2E)

Papyrus Objects Advanced Lessons

(3 days, Wed–Fri)

Accessing the WebRepository from DOCDEF:

  • Querying the Object Space
  • Instantiating objects
  • Setting up tasks to run DocEXEC in Papyrus Objects
  • Transaction handling

Papyrus Query Language (PQL):

  • Advanced lessons on PQL as script language
  • PQL concepts and guidelines like system attributes, PQL sets, variables, operators, selectors and navigation
  • Calling methods, date/time functions
  • Call nested PQLs
  • Efficient search definitions
  • Parallel search in distributed Depots
  • Explicit transaction handling
  • Rollback handling with/without sub-transactions

Batch application:

  • Receive many small XML input files for document formatting
  • Bundle them in a Depot for processing as single batch input for DocEXEC formatting by a scheduled action

HTTP Interface to 3rd party systems:

  • Synchronous HTTP Client calls
  • Use of transient objects
  • Web services with SOAP adpater


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