• Introduction to the user interface of Papyrus Capture and Capture Designer
  • Design classification and extraction definitions
  • Install, operate, and maintain a project within Papyrus WebRepository


  • System administrators
  • Capture designers
  • Project managers


  • Basic knowledge of requirements of document Capture
  • Papyrus Objects System Administrator Workshop
  • Papyrus Objects Developer Workshop (recommended)


Module 1 (M1C) – Papyrus Capture Solution Workshop

  • 5 days
  • Mon 11–17
  • Tue–Thu 9–17
  • Fri 9–15

Module 2 (M2C) – Papyrus Capture Designer FixForm

  • 2 days
  • Mon 11–17
  • Tue 9–17

Module 3 (M3C) – Papyrus Capture Designer FreeForm®

  • 2 days
  • Wed–Thu 9–17


The Papyrus Capture Solution Workshop (Module 1) and the two other Modules (M2C, M3C) can be booked individually. Content and focus of the Modules can be adapted to meet individual customer requirements.

Module 1 (M1C)

Papyrus Capture Solution Workshop (5 days, Mon-Fri):

The Papyrus Capture Solution Workshop includes a classroom presentation as well as the design of practical, real-life sample applications.

  • Introduction to Papyrus Capture basics
  • Papyrus Capture family of products
  • Papyrus Capture document administration
  • Setup of Capture Base Process with Papyrus Capture Framework:
    • Import of images with Scan, XML and File Adapters
    • Classification of capture documents
    • Extraction of data items including extraction of tables
    • Rule-based validation of documents
    • Manual verification of data items
  • Export of documents and extraction data items
  • Setup of verification clients (thin clients) based on Papyrus EYE Widgets
  • Use of Papyrus Depot for validation data and Capture documents
  • Batch processing of Capture documents
  • Operate the system by means of client workplaces

Module 2 (M2C)

Papyrus Capture Designer FixForm

(2 days, Mon–Tue)

  • OCR/ICR basics and settings
  • OCR/ICR post-processing
  • Aspects of optimal forms and document layout
  • Definition of document categories
  • Handling of color and gray-level images, proper anchor usage
  • Optimal structure of extraction definitions
  • Relative and absolute extraction

Module 3 (M3C)

Papyrus Capture Designer FreeForm®

(2 days, Wed–Thu)

  • OCR/ICR basics and settings
  • OCR/ICR post-processing
  • Generic and layout based definitions
  • Patterns – anchors – conditions
  • FreeForm® Definition Set for multilingual invoices
  • Validation using databases
  • Statistical evaluation of document processing


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