OverView Digitizer Pad Support

Product Description

The OverView Digitizer Pad is a software feature of the OverView AFP-Designer and supports, in addition to the mouse, the attachment of CAD digitizer pads as input devices. It enables the tracing of existing paper forms without the need for measuring and entering the values manually in the AFP Designer.

The OverView Digitizer Pad Support is fully integrated into the user interface of the AFP Designer. With Digitizer Mode enabled, it allows you to work in parallel with all other functions. The reasonably priced standard pads attach to the serial port and do not require add-on interface cards.

This support ideally complements the use of scanning devices for text input. The scanned and OCR read text is imported via the clipboard. DIGITIZING of the forms graphic is much more accurate, and in total much faster, than other available scanning methods today.



The ISIS Papyrus OverView Digitizer Pad is an option to the ISIS Papyrus OverView AFP Designer and drastically speeds up the process of transferring (tracing) paper forms into OGL source language.

It is a reasonably priced standard pad, emulating a Microsoft serial mouse, with no special connection hardware required.

The OverView Digitizer Pad has an integrated software support within the AFP Designer that can be dynamically switched on and off. No loading or starting of separate software components is required.

  • Tracing of boxes and lines.
  • Positioning of text and circles.
  • Positioning of repeated or copied elements.
  • Position PRINTLINES in PPFA mode.
  • Digitize positions to any value of millimeters, inches, PELs or LPI/CPI with the snapping option.


  • Trace a very complex form with lines, boxes and circles in ten minutes or less!
  • Trace into existing OGL forms.
  • Requires no special technical or user knowledge.
  • Speeds up forms generation also for less experienced PC users.


Hardware Prerequisites

  • A serial COM port additionally to an available mouse-port.
  • A Genitizer Pad GT1212B for 12 x 12 ( A4 size) inches or a Genius 1812 Digitizer Pad for 18 x 12 inches (A3) or compatible.
  • ISIS Papyrus does supply the pads.
  • ISIS Papyrus does not offer maintenance or warranty on the pads.

Software Prerequisites

  • ISIS Papyrus OverView AFP-Designer 3.2 or higher.
  • All prerequisites of the AFP Designer have to be fulfilled.

The ISIS Papyrus OverView Digitizer Pad is not available for testing