OverView AFP Designer for AS/400

Product Description

With OverView AFP Designer for AS400/iSeries, it's easy to build complex document form print applications. You can design form layouts from building blocks like images and electronic forms, automatically retrieve current application data or spooled files from iSeries, design the final layout by combining data, forms, and images, then upload all components to iSeries to be put into production. The traditional iSeries Data Description Specifications (DDS) interface is not needed, which has two major advantages: First, it is a fully graphical design environment, whereas DDS is a programming interface. Second, it is application independent. You do not have to modify the existing application code to redesign your application output.

The AFP Designer is fully compatible to the IBM Advanced Function Printing standard (AFP) using FORMDEF and PAGEDEF and enables therefore the usage of the developed applications on any operating system and printer platform. This guarantees unlimited application growth and printer independence for all your print and document form applications using Advanced Function Printing/Intelligent Printer Data Stream (AFP/IPDS) to match with industrial-strength printing.

  • AFP resources like fonts and logos are directly used.
  • Document forms are truly WYSIWYG designed in all resolutions 240/300/600.
  • Edit multiple form building blocks on a single page.

The product package includes Image Editor for editing and generation of AFP page segments (e.g. logos and signatures) and to convert TIFF images into AFP image formats like IOCA.


Forms Design

  • Load, edit and create fully OGL-compatible source code.
  • Decompile AFP Overlay objects to OGL source code.
  • Display and edit multiple form overlay building blocks on-screen.
  • Load and display mainframe AFP fonts and logos in 240/300/600 dpi.
  • Create lines, boxes and circles in PEL accurate width in solid, dashed and dotted line styles.
  • Shading of boxes and circles in 1-100%.
  • Create repeated boxes with diagonals and rounded corners.
  • Object positioning with mouse or in explicit values in LPI/CPI, inch, millimeter or PEL.
  • Select raster and outline fonts from the library by font style, size and properties.
  • Place text alone or in a box.
  • Automatic word-wrapping feature.
  • Import TIFF graphics and convert to PSEG or as OGL PATTERN.
  • BCOCA bar code support.
  • DUPLICATE and AUTOALIGN features.
  • 11 zoom levels from 10 to 200 %.
  • UNDO/REDO and AUTOSAVE features.


  • Seamless design and editing of the PAGEDEF data layout.
  • DEFINE-MODE window enables 'Drag&Drop' FIELD definition from the actual print data-file.
  • Multiple COPYGROUP and PAGEFORMAT support.
  • Full conditional processing support.
  • Edit multiple forms while viewing the true data print-file with the PAGEDEF formatting.
  • Define visually N_UP, INVOKE, SHEET, NEXT, BACK, Enhanced N_UP applications.
  • Relative PRINTLINE.

Migration from IBM's Infoprint Designer

  • Direct use of Infoprint Designer applications with automatic decryption of encrypted source files.
  • Full support for iSeries download/upload functionality as offered by Infoprint Designer.
  • Embedded download of spool files from iSeries for use as input line data in the forms project.
  • Upload to iSeries automatically transfers individual forms or the whole project with all resources like Page Segments, Fonts, Overlays.
  • Windows 8 and higher fully supported.


  • 100% WYSIWYG accurate form and data placement.
  • AFP Designer follows strictly IBM's PPFA standard.
  • Business users can easily design forms on a PC environment from building blocks and place data in a graphical user interface.
  • No USB dongles: Simple installation and authorization using the cloud based Papyrus product authorization service "IPASaaS-Protection".
  • Reduces application development effort drastically due to WYSIWYG on-screen design.
  • Dynamic switching between forms and data placement reduces test-printing on production printers.
  • With Papyrus Server prints on AFP compatible printers or all other common laser printer hardware.
  • AFP Viewing, Archiving (index generation) and multichannnel e-delivery (HTML, PDF) also to Mobile devices supported by the Papyrus Output Management Solution.

Image Editor

  • Load TIFF images from products like Adobe.
  • Load and save AFP PSEG and IOCA formats in 240/300/600 PEL.
  • Pixel accurate editing from 10% to 1000% display zoom.
  • Re-scale and resize images.
  • Cut, clip and crop functions.
  • Invert and shade images.
  • Line-drawing mode onto image.
  • Flip and mirror image.
  • Rotate in 1 degree increments.
  • Spray-shade in various brush widths.
  • Edit in various pen widths.
  • Text entry into image.

Minimum Prerequisites

  • PC with a CPU with 1 GHz or higher.
  • 1 GB RAM or more.
  • 100 MB available disk space on HDD or SSD.
  • Display 800 x 600.
  • Windows compatible printer for PC test prints.
  • Windows Vista and newer.
  • PC Client Access for AS400/iSeries.