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Free AFP Viewer Download

The free Papyrus AFP Viewer is the industry standard tool for viewing and printing AFP files. With unprecedented viewing quality and processing speed, the Papyrus AFP Viewer provides true WYSIWYG results.

Download Free AFP Viewer

Free Papyrus AFP Viewer

Papyrus Software provides a free version of our AFP Viewer as a service to the IT community using AFP files. Key highlights of the free Papyrus AFP Viewer:

  • View AFP files with Windows application
  • Print AFP documents to any Windows printer
  • Support for files with *.afp extension or with "application/afp" MIME type
  • View AFP files with original document resources without font substitution
  • View AFP documents with embedded PDF pages
  • Attach annotation stickers and comments to AFP pages
  • Full text search and regular expression search
  • Filter and search through TLE-indexed documents in large AFP files
  • Display list of resources used in a document

Install Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware

After you have submitted the request form and received the MSI file you can start with the installation of Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware.


Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware is provided as Windows application and runs on Windows 8 or higher.

For details, please refer to the Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware Installation and Reference Guide included in the installation package.

Installation with MSI Installation Package

To install Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware, save the MSI file on your computer and start the installer.

Papyrus AFP Viewer product log

For detailed version information and version history visit the Papyrus AFP Viewer product log. If you need help or have feedback do not hesitate to contact afpviewer@isis-papyrus.com.

Papyrus AFP Viewer terms of use

  • The free AFP Viewer download is for use by you and on your PC only – see Terms of Use
  • If you wish to extend the use of the AFP Viewer as a corporate copy, please contact us
  • If you wish to purchase the full AFP Viewer Product, please contact us

Corporate Version

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About Papyrus Software

Papyrus Software is a trusted technology provider for the world’s leading companies. More than 2,800 global enterprises in every industry use Papyrus to accelerate digital transformation and enhance customer engagement.

An early adopter of the AFP standard and initial board member of the AFP Consortium, Papyrus Software develops and delivers customer communication and business process solutions for enterprise companies. With more than 30 years of excellence in customer-focused innovation, Papyrus Software operates 16 offices, 14 subsidiaries and 3 development centers worldwide.

About AFP

AFP or Advanced Function Presentation is a document presentation architecture that offers independence from specific applications and devices for digital document and information presentation. Particularly important in driving new industry initiatives and business requirements for the creation of mission-critical documents such as bills, statements and policies, etc., AFP has powerful advantages over other printing architectures as it supports the full range of high speed printers down to desktop printers, output integrity and centralized, automated resource management.