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With advanced functionality and processing speed, the Papyrus AFP Viewer is ideal for business and production environments that demand superior user interface and presentation of colors. In collaboration with the global printing and imaging industry’s AFP Consortium (AFPC), ISIS Papyrus has released its AFP Viewer as freeware for the benefit of the IT community.

Viewer Highlights

  • View AFP files in file system or on the Web
  • View any AFP file with .afp file extension or any AFP file on the Web with 'application/afp' MIME type
  • View AFP files with embedded PDF pages
  • Print AFP files to any Windows printer
  • Attach electronic notes and comments - so called Stickers - to AFP documents
  • Search and filter for indexed documents in large AFP files
  • Full text and regular expression search
  • Display list of resources used in a document
Current version:
7.6 SP2 (build number
Release date:
March 16, 2021
Download options:
Secure e-mail delivery
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Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware

Request Free Download

Fill in the form and accept the Terms & Conditions of use.

You will receive an e-mail with download links to the Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware (MSI installer package) and to the Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware Installation and Reference Guide (PDF).


Install Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware

After you have submitted the request form and received the MSI file you can start with the installation of Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware.


If Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware prior to V7.16 is installed on your workstation, it has to be uninstalled completely before you install the new version. Updating versions since V7.16 is possible without prior uninstallation.

The Windows application of Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The plugin version requires a Web browser that still supports plugins.


It is recommended that you install Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware on a computer where no other Papyrus products are installed. For details read the Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware Installation and Reference Guide (PDF).

Installation with MSI Installation Package

To install Papyrus AFP Viewer Freeware, save the MSI file on your computer at first and then double-click it to start the installer.

Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For detailed version information and version history go to the Papyrus AFP Viewer Blog.


For product details, see the documentation, which comes with the download link.

For questions and feedback about the Papyrus AFP Viewer, please do not hesitate to contact afpviewer@isis-papyrus.com.

Associated ISIS Papyrus Products:

In the context of AFP processing, the following ISIS Papyrus products can be purchased:

About ISIS Papyrus Software:

An early adopter of the AFP standard and initial Board member of the AFP Consortium, ISIS Papyrus develops and delivers consolidated customer communication and process optimization solutions for enterprise organizations in the financial, utility, telecommunications, healthcare, insurance and public sectors. With 30 years of excellence in customer-focused innovation, 16 offices, 14 subsidiaries and three development centers, ISIS Papyrus supports more than 2,000 enterprise and government customers worldwide. Papyrus software solutions for process improvement, business correspondence, multichannel output, e-mail, document capture and archiving are based on a proven and fully integrated application platform that enables flexibility, efficiency, collaboration, quality and continuous improvement of customer-focused content and processes.

About AFP:

According to the AFPC, AFP, or Advanced Function Presentation, is a presentation architecture that offers independence from specific applications and devices for document and information presentation. Particularly important in driving new industry initiatives like TransPromo and the creation of mission-critical documents such as bills, statements, and policies, AFP has powerful advantages over other print architectures as it supports very high print speeds, output integrity and centralized, automated server-based management.

Additional Industry Resources:

  • AFP Consortium - A nonprofit organization committed to develop an optimum and open presentation architecture to serve as the strategic basis for current and future print solutions.
  • The ISIS Times – Timely updates and perspective from ISIS Papyrus experts on trends, issues and technology advances in enterprise content management, process management, customer communications and business correspondence.