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Papyrus Software delivers innovative enterprise software to the world's leading brands. Over 30 years of experience make us a global expert in implementing process optimization integrated with inbound and outbound communication channels in customer-centric environments.

Papyrus' unified digital platform offers a holistic approach with solutions for the entire business engagement circle, the Digital Workplace with integrated Blockchain and content services, and AI-powered process & case management. Business users get their work done faster using the Business Designer enabling organizations to create, capture, extract, and share information. This delivers information-intensive digital Omni-Channel solutions in a fraction of time and cost.

Papyrus is a cross-industry solution used around the clock by the world's largest companies in the finance, insurance, utilities, telecom, healthcare and public sectors. With a scalable architecture and low-code/no code platform, Papyrus saves your users time in digital transformation and stays ahead of the rapid pace of change in customer experience and business agility.

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Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) White Paper

How to Support Your Clients and Employees in the Digital World

Unleash Your Creativity -
Papyrus Business Designer

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A Contract Management System for All Contracts
To meet the challenges of CLM, regaining transparency on all business contracts and contractual relations, their status and their duties, complying with regulatory requirements, streamlining contract creation and closure, accelerating approval and signing processes are on everyone's wish list, but many organizations are still struggling to effectively manage all their contracts. Ideally, you will want to address all of your enterprise CLM needs through a single solution – this is where we can help. In fact, business-critical documents and processes are our core competence.

A Contract Management System for All Contracts

Papyrus Integration with Salesforce
All the data from Salesforce are passed to the Papyrus application through standardized WebService interfaces, so that you do not have to retype already available information. Just focus on the document itself which can be generated without further user interaction in batch, or go through the user input fields and amend the text building blocks and text content as defined by the document administrator. Of course, also the Papyrus document Wizards can be used to guide the business users through a more complex document creation process. Wizards also allow you to query additional data from backend systems or Salesforce itself, which were not part of the initial document request, like entering a product number and retrieving the associated product details from your product database. In any case, users can also define the preferred delivery channel like email, print or Web and the produced document will be saved in the Papyrus Content Management System Papyrus WebArchive. It can be returned to Salesforce as PDF or via a link to the original document so that the Salesforce records are complete.

Papyrus Integration with Salesforce video

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