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Installed by world’s leading brands, Papyrus Software provides a Digital Experience Platform with powerful designer tools that help organizations accelerate application modernization. Multi-disciplinary teams can create and compose complete Business Value Streams in no-code. Companies across industries are uniquely positioned to take advantage of connected technologies, data from any system, AI-powered technology, Process and Case Management with integrated Omni-Channel communications and Content Services secured by Blockchain.
Whether a bank loan, insurance claim or service ticket - customers and employees benefit from fast, seamless processes without media breaks. Learn how to design and execute any business value stream in ONE step!

16 October - 19 October 2023

Meet us at our booth #119 in the exhibition hall or schedule a meeting.

Featured Products

Papyrus Converse

Whether a bank loan, insurance claim or service ticket – customers and employees benefit from fast, seamless processes without media breaks. The revolutionary no-code Converse Designer/Composer/Client for fast and cost effective building and modernization of business applications aligns business objectives with outcomes, avoids lost in translation of requirements, and reduces resource gaps by broadening the team. Learn how any process is designed and executed in ONE step! Converse leverages the Papyrus platform content services and Omni-Channel communications and integrates seamlessly with core systems.

Papyrus Business Designer

This award winning product unifies business document design with process design and omni-channel delivery job design. Cross-functional teams get their work done faster by using the Designer to create and improve customer-centric communications and its processes achieving real-time Omni-channel communications for digital and print. Out-of-the-Box solution frameworks boost efficiency and enable organizations to create, capture, extract, and share information. This delivers information-intensive digital solutions in a fraction of time and cost to stay relevant in the digital world.

Papyrus WebArchive | Enterprise Content Services

Where do you store content, information, and processes on your customer and employee relationships over years? Whether you need it in the Customer & Employee Self-Service, for the fast access in the Digital Workplace or as an archived content for Legal, all content needs to be compliant, secured, and instantly made available wherever it's needed – regardless of where it is stored. That’s what our scalable distributed Depot technology does for you. The integrated Blockchain guarantees the originality of every document and process, and eliminates the need for costly external e-sign services.

Papyrus Solutions at booth #119 to explore:

How AI and NLP in Papyrus transform BPM & the programming industry

The IT industry is undergoing a transformation with the advent of new technologies. AI assistants and NLP are having a major impact on how business value streams are delivered and how teams operate. Papyrus AI-powered machine learning is a process discovery and business language model that is changing the way business applications are built and how teams interact. We will explore the ways AI and NLP for Business Ontology are transforming the BPM and the programming industry, helping business teams build their own business value stream applications in the Conversational UI.

Revolutionizing Business Solutions with No-Code Technology

Organizations must automate and digitize at scale to drive change, but are hindered by traditional software development and overloaded IT teams. In this session, see how a non-technical Converse-led approach can be used by multi-disciplinary teams to build & execute their business value streams in one step. Learn how to modernize your applications by delivering key business functionality in waves, avoiding translation gaps and saving costs by reducing development time.

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