ISIS Papyrus Features CCM Innovations to Enable Enterprise Digitalization in the Age of the Customer

Annual User Conference and industry recognition highlight expanded Papyrus core CCM offering integrated with Mobile, ACM and Capture

(VIENNA and DALLAS) April 28, 2016 – Enterprise software provider ISIS Papyrus Software featured the expanded capabilities of its Papyrus Platform for the digital age of the customer employing Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Adaptive Case Management (ACM) process technology in its 2016 Open House and User Conference held this week

Since pioneering advanced document design, formatting and output for transactional and message-based communication at the foundation of today’s corporate CCM solutions, the Papyrus Platform has expanded to empower enterprise business users and knowledge workers to optimize and align documents, processes, collaboration and communication in customer service-focused organizations.

Recent CCM advances in the Papyrus Business Communication and Process Platform designed to address omnichannel, two-way communications include:

  • Process-driven document wizard for Web or mobile users
  • Digital collaboration with business data integration
  • Personalized multimedia offers, correspondence and documents
  • Device-responsive document design
  • Intelligent multichannel document capture
  • Case management for the insurance industry

"Already the earliest vision of Papyrus was to create and manage customer documents and processes without limitations – therefore our core direction has not changed but rather evolved with the needs, challenges and opportunities enterprise organizations face in the digital age,” said Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus Software. “Our seamless integration of enterprise content with business processes and customer communications has long offered a One Company-One Voice approach – even before the Customer Experience discussion began. Our platform is helping organizations to align their operations to deliver on that promise and remain competitive – and CCM is always a central component and priority."

These advances are possible because of a strength unique to Papyrus: the native capability to design document components independently of the channel through which the collaboration takes place, while addressing each channel with the optimal content at time of delivery – adhering to corporate design, look and feel – based on customer channel preference.

"At ISIS Papyrus, CCM functionality is used in 100% of all customer solutions, because this fundamental capability is a requirement of any critical business interaction," said Max J. Pucher, CTO of ISIS Papyrus. "To actually make state-of-the-art Customer Experience happen, managing just the layout or the textual content of a channel message is nowhere near enough. CX processes supported through ACM collaboration make the difference. The market segment industry reports can’t tell the full story that is broader than their focus, as no other vendor offers a holistic solution. We can however easily show the benefits to prospects at events like the Open House."

Recognition & Awards

Independent industry research firms continue to recognize Papyrus CCM as a leading and innovative capability of the platform, noting its consolidation of CRM, ECM and ACM market fragments with strengths in integration, scalability, high-volume output and embedded process management.

In addition, the integration of CCM with critical business process management capabilities recently resulted in "global recognition for the Papyrus Platform in the 2015 ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge and the 2015 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow.

Sharing Experience

Feedback from the ISIS Papyrus Open House reflects the impact of the personal, interactive and hands-on program that attracts a global and industry cross-section of customers and prospects:

  • “Great presentations covering new possibilities and innovative ideas, and not least, meeting other customers for the exchange of different issues.” – Pension/investment provider, Denmark
  • “An exciting event, full of surprises. An opportunity to solve all queries and listen to all new features.” – Telecom, Cyprus
  • “Strategies were openly shared with real-world examples on how to expand customer satisfaction.” – State revenue department, USA
  • “As always a fantastic innovative event. Very thought-provoking. Taking a lot of good ideas away with me.” – BPO service provider, UK
  • “This conference presents fresh solutions for banks.” – Bank, Hong Kong

Customers and guests are invited this spring and summer to share their experiences and see the latest Papyrus technology through interactive presentations, guest speakers and demonstrations at the upcoming annual ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conferences and ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conferences worldwide during May and June.

About ISIS Papyrus Software:

Global software innovator ISIS Papyrus offers a model-driven platform for fully integrated inbound and outbound communications, personalization and process optimization in customer-focused environments in the financial, insurance, utility, telecom, healthcare and public sectors. Knowledge-driven case management applications using ISIS Papyrus standard software can enable customer claims management, contract management, financial account management, purchase-to-pay and fraud investigations, among others. Consolidating ECM, BPM and CRM, Papyrus drives both efficiency and effectiveness, as well as quality and continuous improvement of customer-focused content and processes. As an active member of ACORD, AFPC, AIIM, and OMG, ISIS Papyrus supports and promotes technology and standards benefiting the business user.


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