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    ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference 2016
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    ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference 2016
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    ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference 2016
    Real-world Customer Case Studies
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    ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference 2016
    Viennese charm,
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Brussels, Belgium | 1 June 2016

Stockholm, Sweden | 2 June 2016

Copenhagen, Denmark | 3 June 2016

Hot Topics

Holistic Solutions for today’s Customer Communication environment, achieving a seamless Customer Experience, business-enabled smart document design and maintenance for print and digital

  • Document output consolidation (batch, online, interactive, on-demand)
  • Avoiding multiple disparate systems
  • Omnichannel capabilities and mobile focus
  • Device responsive documents (HTML5)
  • Multimedia personalized documents
  • Facilitated integration with business data
  • Transforming MS Word documents into a holistic output strategy

The Document Wizard

Award-winning business process-driven technology - Supported by a thin-client browser architecture, clerks can now easily create documents that cater directly to each customer’s needs by simply answering prompted questions. The associated document processes dynamically connect to various back-end services and provide required data on the fly, note the clerk’s decisions and perform any required work - automatically assembling the document that will exactly match the customer-specific situation, while taking all relevant regulations into consideration and avoiding mistakes or omissions.

Online Channel

The online sale of products and related services has tremendous potential while keeping overall costs low. Online channel applications can be fully managed by the business and be leveraged for product and service requests, to capture your leads and to collect customer feedback. We show a Website that works as an integrated part of the whole omni-channel network and is directly linked with the backoffice where operational users perform Case Management.

Multichannel Inbound Mail Capture and Customer Workflows

Intelligent cross-channel data and document capture is a remarkable technology, reading document and message content; extracting and interpreting document data of structured and unstructured content and handwriting; validating it faster than any human; eliminating bottlenecks in manual workflows; and enabling instant transfer of captured information to the archive and the inbox of your knowledge workers.

The Mobile Office

Many business leaders talk about the importance of a mobile-first approach, citing the growing reliance on smart phones and tablets. We will show and discuss how to implement a mobile-first strategy supporting business users with direct mainframe and back-office connectivity and a user-friendly, on-the-go mobile experience.

Innovation: Building the next-generation Digital Insurance Platform

The Papyrus Platform is disruptive technology that innovates the insurance software application market with a product much more affordable and simpler to use than what currently exists. Insurance applications are simpler and less expensive to build and maintain, resulting in a radical improvement in performance.

Adaptive Case Management in Use

See customer-focused service and corporate environments benefit from Adaptive Case Management applications on browser, mobile and cloud. The Papyrus Platform and the ACM solution framework is geared for knowledge work and designed to enable rapid development of goal-driven, adaptive business applications and accommodate change, growth and innovation without limitations.

As always a fantastic innovative event.
Very thought provoking. Taking a lot of good ideas away with me.
Gary Robinson, Technical Team Leader, RR Donnelley Global Document Solutions, UK

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Get a first taste of demos and presentations at the Strategy Conference 2016

2016 Open House and User Conference Strategy Conference Agenda


Welcome with coffee


Keynote: The Art of Strategy

The most important knowledge work in the top hierarchy of the business is defining a STRATEGY. In 2010 Max J. Pucher wrote several blog posts saying that management -- and certainly creating a business strategy -- has a strong link to ART. This strategy should as quickly as possible be translated to supporting software applications. No such thing is on an executive’s mindset today. ‘The Art of Strategy’ is adapted from ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu (approx. 500BC) who said: “Creativity must go beyond generation of new ideas; it must become an ongoing activity.”


Consolidate! The Papyrus Platform

Incoming and outgoing mail becomes an essential part of the context in Customer Engagement, and adaptive, goal-oriented service processes will result in a positive customer experience. This session will discuss real-world benefits:

  • Business can rapidly build new digital-process driven applications using ready solution frameworks
  • Integrated ECM/BPM/CCM provides a 360º view of the customer
  • Any data format and style can be used, also legacy – not limited to XML only
  • Collaborative work uses chat, e-mail and mobile
  • The platform’s omnichannel capability is used for a successful Customer Experience
  • Integration with existing backend systems can be facilitated


Networking coffee break


Business-enabled document design, maintenance and administration

  • Manage all corporate document templates and related processes with one system
  • Integrated document design and speedy creation of new document templates
  • Ensure change management and versioning for fast-paced document updates
  • Automate data exchange between existing business applications
  • Integration of various delivery channels directly into communication process
  • Global support for multilingual workspaces, templates and customer documents


The Wizard: Award-winning application

Experience a new “dual-level approach” with a process-driven working style that empowers each player to focus on their strengths and promotes collaboration along clearly defined lines of responsibilities.

  • A thin-client browser architecture
  • Clerks can easily create documents that cater directly to each customer’s needs by simply answering prompted questions
  • The associated document processes dynamically connect to various backend services and provides required data on the fly
  • The system allows multilingual business staff to work in their language of choice regardless of the recipient’s preferred correspondence language
  • The document can be optionally edited by the clerk and locally printed, exported as PDF or delivered to customers by e-mail or fax per selected delivery channels


Online Channel for digital business and services

We present a website for public access that works as an integrated part of the whole omni-channel network and is directly linked with the backoffice where operational users perform Case Management. Highlights are: ePolicy/e-contract, service request, claims submission, live chat, product information request, e-enrolment form with interactive questionnaire and validation, mobile optimized for mobile and tablet, as well as desktop/laptop.


Mobile First

“Mobile first” is a common buzzword when it comes to building new business applications. But to tap the full potential of mobile for improving customer service and satisfaction, you need a new perspective. Meeting customer expectations means addressing the dual challenge of keeping up with the pace of innovation while providing a seamless cross-channel experience. But legacy systems and silos stand in the way of faster innovation and multichannel product and service delivery. Without addressing those backend issues, mobile could become just one more siloed channel, entrenching the organisational and IT gaps that prevent organisations from delivering the experience that customers demand. Learn about best practices for going mobile, plus real-world success stories and cautionary tales.




Omnichannel communications for online business and print

This presentation will show how collaborative work between business and IT results in flexible and high-quality output, unified and consistent across multiple communication channels - all possible using dynamic formatting capabilities in combination with powerful output management.

  • Two-way online communication capabilities with response options and e-signed documents
  • Collect documents of batch/online/interactive/Word/Excel origin in the central document pool
  • Powerful reformatting options allow for unique final document composition for print and digital
  • HTML5/PDF/SMS/e-mail/mobile, printing considerations and available solutions
  • Reporting on bounced e-mail, clicks and opened e-mail, printing and archiving


Multichannel Inbound Mail Capture

All your inbound communication channels can be commonly managed by one single definition and by events – routing mail through the different steps of classification, recognition and data extraction to validation and distribution to users in different departments. Our integrated workflow capabilities and the supervised learning of our intelligent data capture technology continuously improve the system to get smarter results in reduced cycle time, lower labor costs and maximized human capital.

  • Every mail received in the organisation is a known incoming event
  • An intelligent capture process starts extracting relevant information from structured and unstructured forms
  • A new case is automatically opened or content is routed to an existing case
  • Archiving of complete case, full text search, quick access to documents on all devices


Networking coffee break


Adaptive Case Management delivers significant business benefits

See the full range from straight-through processes through dynamic processes to completely unstructured processes driven by rules and ad-hoc content arrival, such as scans, e-mails, PDFs, and mobile content.

  • On-boarding, recruitment, time management, work task management, lead management
  • Adaptive and goal-oriented business processes supporting exception handling
  • Enhanced quality and speed on case completion in Customer Service
  • Collaboration and knowledge work
  • Desktop, browser, mobile, cloud


Building the next-generation digital insurance platform

Industry analysts highlight that Papyrus can import external information models, such as ACORD to jump start a process design. As a single, organically developed stack, there is a central point of management that draws on process data from one object repository.

  • Business empowerment – Knowledge work is innovative and exploratory
  • Adaptive Processes: Beyond BPM – Goal-driven, decision-based, flexible
  • Consolidated view of customer case
  • Integrated omnichannel business correspondence (inbound and outbound)


Brainstorming Session: Discuss with ISIS Papyrus management and solution architects

  • Translating company goals into a technology strategy that consolidates ECM, CRM and BPM
  • Optimizing your investment by building an agile communication platform for the future
  • Discuss the requirements for the business graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Integrating inbound and outbound business communication as a business need
Listening to the key individuals enthuse about their product and then
seeing it in action convinced me that this is a good company to work with.
Michael Chaytor, Head of Islands Retail Banking, Lloyds Bank Offshore, UK

General Information


1 June 2016 - Brussels, Belgium

Steigenberger Wiltcher’s
71 Avenue Louise
B-1050 Brussels


T +32-2-542-42-42

2 June 2016 - Stockholm, Sweden

Sheraton Stockholm
Tegelbacken 6
SE-10123 Stockholm


T: +46-08-412-34-00

3 June 2016 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel
Toldbodgade 24-28
DK-1253 Copenhagen


T: +45-33-74-14-14


To register for the ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference please register online: www.isis-papyrus.com/register-SCE


Sessions will be held in English.


ISIS Papyrus will provide coffee breaks and lunch at the conference hotels.


The ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference is free of charge. Registration is required.

For more information please contact

Christian Berchtold
ISIS Papyrus Europe AG
Alter Wienerweg 12
A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf
T: +43-2236-27551, F: +43-2236-21081
E-Mail: events@isis-papyrus.com