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Papyrus Software Support

In Papyrus Software Support, we provide our customers with a dedicated team of experts to assist with requests relating to Papyrus Software products. Whether you need support reporting and solving issues with Papyrus Software, requesting the latest software version or even making suggestions for new Papyrus features, our global support team is ready to help.

A guideline "Contacting ISIS Papyrus for Support" can be viewed here in English and German. Find below information on Papyrus Software - Product releases and lifecycle.

Submit a Product Support Request and a member of the Papyrus Product Support Team will contact you.


Services included:

  • Papyrus Software Support for queries, questions, assistance and troubleshooting with support centers available in America, Europe and Asia
  • Regular updates including enhancements, improvements, corrections
  • Use of ISIS Papyrus FTPS and HTTPS server for updates and data exchange
  • Free annual disaster authorizations for production Papyrus products (one-time delivery)
  1. Technical & functional product support:

    Our dedicated team provides personalized case handling; managing your issues and questions from request to resolution and, where necessary, suggesting solutions or delivering software fixes in upcoming versions or as hotfixes.

  2. Application support:

    Our software provides you with the tools you need to design your own documents, workflows, business applications and much more. If you have issues with such application definitions Papyrus Software Support is happy to make a first-level analysis and offer advice on how to proceed. In the case that extended effort and knowledge is required, the Papyrus Consulting group will be happy to assist and provide services. Such services are not part of the maintenance agreement and you will receive an offer from your Customer Care Representative to complete the work.

  3. Software maintenance:

    Our software releases contain both product innovations and software stability extensions and are available on request from Papyrus Software Support (support@isis-papyrus.com) or via your Customer Care Representative.

  4. Feature requests:

    For software feature requests, please send them directly to Papyrus Software Support (support@isis-papyrus.com). They will be reviewed and you can expect an answer if they will be included in an upcoming future release. For priority feature requests, please contact your Customer Care Representative for a fast tracked offer.

  5. Software upgrades:

    To upgrade your existing Papyrus installation refer to the documentation of the product(s) to be upgraded. Contact Papyrus Software Support (support@isis-papyrus.com) to help assessing your situation and to identify possible upgrade paths or request an ISIS Papyrus consultant.

Papyrus software - product releases and lifecycle

ISIS Papyrus fully supports the currently shipped product release as well as the previously delivered version for one more year after a new version becomes available. For details about extensions and improvements see "Main updates" in "Papyrus Software Release Notes General Information", which is part of Papyrus software shipments. Customers can request it also from the Papyrus Software Support (support@isis-papyrus.com).

1. Maintained software product releases

  • V7.9 - currently shipping and actively supported through provision of service packs (SPs)
  • V7.8 - supported until December 2024
  • V7.7 - supported until February 2024
  • V7.1 to 7.8 - update to latest release level recommended

2. Expired software product releases

  • ISIS Papyrus can guarantee full support with bug fixes (delivered through SPs) as well as hot fixes only for the currently supported versions.
  • ISIS Papyrus accepts support inquiries for any software version and tries to assist with configuration issues, etc., to the best of our ability.
  • ISIS Papyrus will also attempt to provide bug fixes for unsupported previous releases (out of maintenance) for customers facing production critical problems.
  • Solutions are always subject to analysis results after replication in ISIS Papyrus labs.

3. Operating system support

Currently shipped Papyrus release has the following minimum operating system prerequisites:

  • Windows: 8, Server 2012
  • AIX: V6.1
  • SUN: Solaris V10
  • Support for HP-UX/Itanium (11.31) stopped with Papyrus V7.8 due to vendor end of support.
  • Linux x86 and z/Linux
    • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES): V11
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL): V6
  • z/OS: V2.3
  • VMWare: ESX Server for Windows and Linux x86 virtualization is supported. The same prerequisites apply.

4. Plugin support

Support for plugins is changing for some modern web browsers because of security, performance and stability issues. Companies may stay with a browser vendor version which supports plugins. ISIS Papyrus is committed to continue support for Internet Explorer and Firefox that support plugins. With Papyrus WebClient we provide an alternative technology which fits into a modern web-applications stack.

For details please consult the official technical documentation "General Software Installation and Product Authorization Installation and Administrator Guide (iinste)".