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Healthcare Tech

„Es muss alles einfacher werden“ - Annemarie Pucher, CEO von ISIS Papyrus, über digitale Antragstrecken und darüber, warum man dem Business mehr Macht in die Hand geben sollte.

August 31, 2020

BANKINGNEWS: Sind digitale Antragstrecken in der Finanzbranche das „new normal“? Annemarie Pucher: Ich glaube, man hat die Dringlichkeit erkannt. Wenn man eine Situation wie COVID-19 hat, muss man wirklich digital ausgestattet sein und als Bankmitarbeiter die Arbeiten digital erledigen können. Ich denke, dass es schon allein deswegen das „new normal“ werden wird. Aber dort sind wir noch nicht Read More...

View Webinar "Digitale Antragsstrecken: Vom Antrag bis zum Abschluß - Geschäftskommunikation über Kanäle, Geräte, Unternehmen und Zeit hinweg"

Healthcare Tech

ISIS Papyrus: Unified Document and Omni-Channel Communication Management

Healthcare Tech Outlook
May 2019

The organizational success is today largely dependent on the communication effectiveness with clients, patients and providers. While regulatory, technological and social forces are creating numerous challenges, there is exciting new opportunities as well for healthcare and insurance organizations positioned well to seize them. Read More...

Keypoint Intelligence

ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference Recap

By Andrew Unsworth - Keypoint Intelligence
Oct. 25, 2018

Everybody loves to celebrate a landmark birthday, and ISIS Papyrus is no different. Throughout this year, the company has held Open House and User Conference days at its various offices around the world to give people a chance to chat with ISIS Papyrus representatives and discover what’s new and exciting about the company’s software. Lucky for me, a fun-loving software solutions analyst, I had the opportunity to attend one of these events at ISIS Papyrus’s UK office in Kingsclere. Read More...


Für Architekten: Wienerberger präsentiert Argeton

By Rudolf Grüner - Wohnnet
Oct. 24, 2018

Das Softwareunternehmen Isis Papyrus in Wiener Neustadt hat die Fassade seines Firmensitzes damit verkleidet und auch das Lendhotel in Graz, jüngstes Beherbergungs-Baby von Red Bull-Motorchef Helmut Marko, setzt bereits mit „Argeton“ auf seinen Außenwänden keramische Akzente. Read More...


Celebrating 30 Years Of Excellence: An Interview With Annemarie Pucher, CEO Of ISIS Papyrus

Sept. 5, 2018

Spring 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of ISIS Papyrus, an innovative company that has been changing the face of corporate software solutions ever since. Corporate LiveWire recently spoke with CEO Annemarie Pucher to discover how the industry has changed over the years, discuss their more recent successes and find out more about their upcoming Open House & User Conference event taking place in Kingsclere (Hampshire, UK) on 27 September 2018, please see the registration information below. Read More...

Healthcare Tech Outlook

Top 10 Document Management Solution Providers - 2018
ISIS Papyrus: Omnichannel and HIPAA-Compliant Document Management

Healthcare Tech Outlook
May 2018

A California-based healthcare technology organization receives around 5,000 documents that have to be processed within 24 hours. E-mails with documents are dispersed across the organization and can contain any number of attachments, holding multiple documents, such as Assignment of benefits, Certificate of medical necessity, and patient information. Manual handling of incoming information took four days of processing time for each day’s document workload. After a thorough market research, the institution deployed the Papyrus Omnichannel Business Communication and Process Platform with an Intelligent Capture technology that effectively trains machines to recognize documents and messages, and cut processing time from four days to four hours. Read More...


Documation 2018 : une deuxième journée riche en actualités !

By Clémence Jost - Archimag
March 21, 2018

Stand A68b - Pour ses 30 ans, Isis Papyrus présente deux nouveaux outils pour sa plateforme Papyrus de gestion de processus et de documents : Papyrus Converse, qui permet de créer des applications métier sans codage, et Papyrus Ticketing, une solution de gestion de tickets/incidents de clients. Read More...

Customer Management Insights

Next Generation PDF Interactive E-Statements in China

Customer Management Insights
Oct. 5, 2017

Dopo la premiazione avvenuta lo scorso luglio durante l’edizione 2017 dei Global Awards for Excellence in Case Management –cerimonia organizzata dalla Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) – che ha visto Isis Papyrus trionfare ricevendo le massime valutazioni per eccellenza, agility e creazione di valore aggiunto nella Digital Transformation, abbiamo rivolto alcune domande ad Annemarie Pucher, CEO dell’azienda. Read More...