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Project Implementation Services

Each of our customer projects is carried out individually, depending on customer requirements and the current customer situation. ISIS Papyrus consultants are available with their specific expertise to assist with project tasks such as project management, installation, configuration and application development. Due to standard software, the configurable meta-model and framework-based approach Papyrus projects are implemented faster and more cost-effective compared to traditional development projects.

ISIS Papyrus offers a broad range of scalable services with maximum flexibility, tailored to each individual project situation to support your Papyrus implementation from installation to production and beyond. We deliver all services in multiple languages using our own ISIS Papyrus personnel, and consultants are available to provide specific expert skills to assist with the full range of project phases and tasks, such as installation, configuration and application development.


Scoping and Proof of Concept

As part of the jointly conducted technical and functional scoping workshop, an implementation plan and work plan is developed with your team. This will include objectives and risks as well as how the solution will be implemented, including the necessary preparations for the POC, which will be the next step after scoping. The POC implementation can be hosted by us or installed at the client's site. The POC is a preliminary stage of the project and the work is not lost but can be reused in the final project.

Project Planning and Implementation Services

Papyrus highly skilled and certified consultants are available to work onsite or virtually during the implementation and acceptance period being supported by the PQA and the Papyrus Product Support groups.
Papyrus Consultants are supported directly by the Papyrus Product Quality Assurance (PQA) expert team as a backbone for ensuring highest project quality and speed in implementation. Project management methodology is used for a project is vastly determined by the Customers business strategy and which project management methods the Customer prefers and is familiar with. Both the methods Waterfall and SCRUM can be used.

Document Migration Services

Our experienced service team has successfully migrated various document applications and forms systems to the Papyrus platform. Papyrus provides several migration tools that are used for migration projects to Papyrus. They have been developed and tested based on the requirements of previous migrations.

Training and Workshop Options

Redesign for digital

This specific program is free of charge and covers a wide range of best practices and is a unique opportunity to explore and learn hands-on about the evolution of our graphical designer tools and the latest product and platform features in V7.7. On the one hand, it will enable you to get the most out of your installed Papyrus products, and on the other hand, you will learn how Papyrus can help you meet the pressing communication challenges of today's new digital world.

Excellence in hands-on workshops
(face-to-face and virtual)

We invite you to attend the Papyrus Platform workshop classes in one of the ISIS Papyrus high-tech training centers of your convenience. In a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, we created places where you will learn best practices for the business document solutions of tomorrow - to use in your environment today. Experienced ISIS Papyrus Professionals have been chosen to conduct our workshop classes and deliver a high-quality experience.

Classroom and on-demand workshops 2023