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WfMC ACM 2017 Winner WfMC BPM 2017 Winner

WfMC Global Award for Excellence in Case Management and BPM

WellCare Health Plans, Inc. and ISIS Papyrus Software are a winners in the 2017 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Case Management. WellCare recently introduced a new Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) based on the Papyrus Adaptive Case Management (ACM) framework to keep pace with the creation, modification and administration of huge volumes of marketing and regulated materials with more than 60 media types in nearly 30 languages.

Download award application research paper (PDF) here
Award Presentation Video ACM
Award Presentation Video BPM

Since implementing the new ECMS, WellCare has realized significant improvements in terms of minimized effort, cost savings, increased revenues and quality:

  • 20% savings on job lifecycle time
  • 75% reduction in printing, paper and file storage costs
  • Full transparency of all open jobs and tasks
  • 20% reduction of rework due to quality measures
  • Processes fully governed by the Creative Services Team without IT support
  • Flexibility to immediately adapt to changes
  • The ability to develop true service level agreements based on reportable metrics.
  • Improved quality by having explicit and in-process quality checks throughout the project lifecycle
  • The ability to expand the overall material creation capabilities of the Creative Services team enables the entire company to grow and meet the future needs


Papyrus Platform stands out in Customer Communication Management for Global Insurance Market

ISIS Papyrus receives the latest 2017 XCelent Customer Base Award among a number of global customer communication vendors represented in the Celent Customer Communication Management in Insurance: 2017 ABCD Vendor View report. This report profiles vendors active in the customer communication management space to help insurers better understand and navigate the landscape of customer communication management system vendors based on technology functions and features, ease of integration, implementation capabilities, post-implementation services and market adoption.

WfMC 2015 Winner

WfMC Global Award for Excellence in BPM & Workflow

The latest Papyrus customer recognized as a winner in the 2016 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Business Process Management is a leading European Contingent Workforce Recruitment company that introduced a fully mobile-enabled system to handle hiring skilled workers, service delivery, reporting, payroll and client invoicing for 50,000+ temporary workers

Download award application research paper (PDF) here

With Papyrus, the Company was able to streamline, standardize and optimize their business operations end-to-end across multiple departments and user environments, with significant improvements in productivity, turnaround, quality and visibility across the organization, including:

  • Recruitment time reduced by 90%
  • Digital worker’s dossier saves €50 ($52-53) per applicant
  • Mobile work assignment reduces staff handling by 40%
  • Fully electronic data validation for labor, printing and payroll savings
  • 1:1 mobile communication for 10,000 shifts/day increases shift assignments
  • Reporting and tracking reduces loss in payment calculations and billing

WfMC 2015 Winner

2016 Document Manager Awards: Mobile Product of the Year

Papyrus Capture/Mobile was named Mobile Product of the Year at the 2016 Document Manager Awards, presented 24 November in London to more than 200. Papyrus Capture/Mobile enables flexible, accurate data entry and real-time processing from customer, remote staff or field service devices – for a seamless and interactive omni channel customer experience.

Native process and case management plus simplified data integration ensure front-end activity is connected with backend operations, easily handling multiple formats and languages for maximum customer convenience. Fully customizable tracking, reporting and archiving connect business users and management for full transparency and visibility of system process and activity status.

Enterprise applications for Papyrus Capture/Mobile include insurance claims, mobile bank payments, customer applications & on-boarding, HR & workforce management, field service & support, and sales offers/e-contracts.

WfMC 2015 Winner

WfMC Global Award for Excellence in Case Management

A market-leading customer using Papyrus for agile customer communications is a winner in the 2016 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Case Management. Serving more than 70 countries with 180,000 employees, the global bank is utilizing Papyrus ACM technology to streamline and optimize customer communication design, production processes and collaboration between business and IT, as well as reduce IT dependence.

Download award application research paper (PDF) here

The organization achieved sustainable quality and efficiency advancements across high-volume operations:

  • 200 million batch & online documents annually
  • 300,000 printed documents in local branches
  • 20,000 PDFs/day on Internet & mobile
  • 2,500 different document templates
  • 95% created & maintained by the business
  • 50% time reduction in template development
  • Up to 90% time reduction in document release

Acord Insurance Innovation Challenge

ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge

ISIS Papyrus Software was a finalist in the 2015 ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge for implementing the ACORD Information Model in a new solution to significantly reduce the time and cost for a new generation of insurance applications.

Key advantages of the ACORD-based solution on ACM include:

  • Rapid implementation & customization
  • Business empowerment – updates & changes without IT
  • Single view of the customer – activity, documents and status
  • Omni-channel communication (inbound and outbound)
  • Operational transparency – compliance, reporting, optimization
  • Built-in change management

WfMC 2015 Winner

WfMC Global Award for Excellence in BPM

Mobiliar Insurance received the 2015 WfMC Global Award for Exellence in BPM and Workflow for their vision and commitment to advancing customer-facing processes and communications. Using ISIS Papurus Software, Die Mobiliar streamlined, standardized and optimized their approach to customer communications management for 1.7 million clients, with short-term results and long-term benefits:

Download award application research paper (PDF) here

  • Enabled design and content administration of documents by business staff without IT involvement
  • Reduced number and complexity of templates through centralized versioning
  • Ensured interactive and guided communication with customers for more than 4,000 end users


WfMC Global Excellence in ACM

ISIS Papyrus Software customer Paneon GmbH was selected as a Gold Winner for Knowledge Worker Innovation in the 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management, recognizing user organizations worldwide that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative ACM solutions in four categories: Customer Facing, Public Sector, Healthcare and Knowledge Worker Innovation.


ISIS Papyrus among “Leading private companies for Innovation and Technology”

RedHerring included ISIS Papyrus Sofware in the 2012 Europe Top 100

For a full list of industry research including ISIS Papyrus Software, please send your request to info@isis-papyrus.com