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AIIM 2021 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry: A Wake-Up Call for Organization Leaders In

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Over three years ago, AIIM introduced the concept of Intelligent Information Management, or IIM, and began researching the connections between IIM and Digital Transformation.

AIIM’s Industry Watch research program looks at the impact of the rising tide of information chaos on the effectiveness of transformation initiatives, the adoption rates of core IIM technology building blocks, and IIM best practices.

Papyrus Platform Adaptive Case Management

Papyrus Platform part of the newest Gartner Market Guide for Customer Communications Management

Market Guide for Customer Communications Management

We are very pleased to see our direction and ongoing innovations confirmed and aligned with the buyers’ needs. Papyrus Software was first to introduce bi-directional communication with multi-channel incoming and outgoing communications integrated in a single digital platform. The Omni-channel platform powers today customer experience processes through AI & Adaptive Case Management and RPA.

Papyrus allows organizations to flexibly engage in conversation with customers via two-way, individual real-time communication – online via live chat, Chatbot, SMS, email, Social, Mobile, Web or paper – across customer journey touch points, channels, devices and over time.

The digital platform provides one-stop service across digital and physical communication, helping eliminate inefficiencies caused by multiple solutions deployed for various communications scenarios and/or diverse communication channels.

All types of real-time communication and documents - bills, invoices, policies and statement generation as well as dynamic, interactive and customer-initiated, personalized on-demand communications with multiexperience distribution are supported in a single platform.

The 'One Platfom Approach' and built-in efficacy, such as:

  • BusinessFirst™ for the Business to take ownership of mission critical communication and self-serve its needs
  • Large-scale re-usability across communication scenarios, channels and Business and IT
  • Integration by configuration
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Unlimited growth and change

Make Papyrus the platform of choice for companies that want to consolidate their Customer Communication on a ‘Fit-for-Future’ foundation and stay relevant and competitive in the fast-moving digital world.

Papyrus Platform mentioned in the Structured and Interactive CCM Segment

Papyrus Platform mentioned in the Structured and Interactive CCM Segment in the newest Forrester Research Report on Customer Communication Management

Now Tech: Customer Communications Management, Q1 2019

Forrester defines customer communications management as: ‘Software used to compose, format, personalize, and distribute content to support physical and electronic customer communications and improve the customer experience.’

According to the Forrester segmentation of CCM, Papyrus covers the ‘Structured CCM segment, with transactional output running in large volumes’, as well as ‘Interactive segment, consisting of primarily short-letter generation and correspondence that require the human touch, often by internal staff — with potentially high number forms or templates.’

As companies are embracing Digital and looking to better engage with customers, they need to move to one consolidated platform and a new communication model that goes beyond disconnected channels. Papyrus is helping companies strategically transform Customer Communication from where it is now to consolidate and embrace Omni-channel communication and business agility.

Companies using the “One platform approach” with integrated inbound and outbound communication, Business empowerment and large-scale re-usability - across Business and IT, across channels and across communication applications - can effectively engage with customers in a two-way conversation across channels - online via live chat, SMS, e-mail, social, mobile or Web or traditionally via paper – directly connected to the back-office for high quality of service and customer experience (CX).

Papyrus Platform Adaptive Case Management

Papyrus Platform Adaptive Case Management mentioned in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Life Insurance Research

Gartner Hype Cycle for Life Insurance, 2018

‘CIOs must go beyond incremental improvements to focus on innovation and transformation of processes and business models for maximum long-term ROI.’

Gartner defines Case Management Solutions as: ‘Applications that support complex processes requiring a combination of human tasks and electronic workflow, such as incoming applications or claims moving to litigation. These solutions support the workflow, management collaboration, storage of images and content, decisioning, and processing of electronic cases. There are two basic types: BPM platform for structured processes and adaptive case management for less structured ones.’

‘Business impact: When applied to tasks such as fraud investigation, claims handling, complaint management and application processing, insurers can reduce processing costs, improve employee performance, deliver productivity gains by automating administrative tasks, improve the outcomes of manual decisions and promote process transparency.’

Papyrus Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is delivered as an Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) Framework to reduce the time and complexity of delivering new Case Management solutions. It unifies both structured processes and adaptive case management into one, and enables companies to boost the productivity of the employees AND their ability to innovate.

INNOVATION: The ACM Framework provides all means - architectural guidance, executable configurable components and configurable visual interfaces - for companies to rapidly compose and deliver unique business services at a fraction of cost and time through configuration and adaptation.

PRODUCTIVITY: The ACM-driven processing integrates activities, tasks, people, processes and communication over time. The adaptive way of working puts people at the center of a process, allowing them to apply their judgment and expertise and adapt to the concrete business situation to achieve best possible outcomes. They work with unified content and processes supported with integrated Inbound and Outbound communication, Content Services and Machine Learning - across teams and enterprise – and can effectively connect, collaborate, up-sell, cross-sell, while working on one single version of truth.

Papyrus Platform Adaptive Case Management

Papyrus Platform mentioned in two Forrester Research Reports on Content Services Platforms

Now Tech: EU- And UK-Based Enterprise Content Management, Q2 2018

Now Tech: Content Platforms, Q3 2018

Forrester defines a Content Platform as: ‘A software platform architected specifically for the design, development, and delivery of document-, content-, or process-rich applications’.

ISIS Papyrus was mentioned as a Midsize vendor with Collaborative and Transactional Content Services in one Platform, with a focus on Insurance and Healthcare Insurance, Financial services and Government as primary industries. As a Collaborative Content Services Platform, Papyrus ‘helps information workers create, retrieve, review, revise, and share business content daily, and provides a collaborative environment with content services to govern documents (such as access controls, versioning, and life-cycle rules), as well as collaboration capabilities to discuss, annotate, and track tasks on works in progress’.

As a Transactional Content services Platform, Papyrus offers automated processing of high-volume content and ongoing incoming communication across multiple channels - digitizing and intelligently extracting data from incoming e-mails, PDFs, scans, fax and messages in structured and unstructured formats, including handwritten information.

The platform manages all inbound channels by one single definition and by events, and ingests the communication, extracts relevant data, and distributes it to enterprise applications, individual or department inboxes, as well as directly to the customer cases and processes based on rules. The state-of-the-art, self-learning classification process and machine learning utilize pattern recognition to increase accuracy and efficiency of data capture, limiting human interaction to QA or exception handling. The system provides the means to cut the content processing times from days to hours, please see an example.

Excellence in Business Communication Services from Corporate LifeWire

Excellence in Business Communication Services from Corporate LiveWire

From insurance and banking to government, utilities and service providers, Papyrus technology supports service organisations by enabling business and technical teams to effectively integrate, interact and innovate across functions, departments and geographies. Over the past 30 years, the company has evolved into a global organisation with four development centres and 16 local offices worldwide serving world's largest organisations and implementing corporate software solutions across 42 countries.

With core capabilities in customer communication management, adaptive case management, intelligent capture and content services, Papyrus is a new breed of software - flexible end-to-end business communication and process platform natively designed to empower business users and enable business solutions for digital transformation, operational enhancement and omni-channel customer engagement. The system provides built in RPA & Al with full support for digital, online channel, omni-channel, high connectivity, mobile, social and cloud, enabling companies to quickly respond to business and technology advances and new business communication requirements.

Download CorporateLiveWire article (PDF) here

Customer communication is delivered across any channel - traditional and digital - engaging customers and prospects across departments, touch points and channels via two-way, personalised communication in real time - online via live chat, SMS, email, social, Mobile or Web or traditionally via paper - all based on clients' preferences, one document definition and o n e -time effort, saving companies time and money.

The Papyrus 'Business First' approach enables the business to choose where to improve, whom to empower and how to scale- gaining the knowledge and supported by intuitive tools to create, manage and enhance business applications across enterprise with reduced IT dependence.

Already now, by using the Papyrus integrated solution framework approach and the ACM-enabling technology, Papyrus customers can jumpstart rapid creation of unique business services and solutions that are not available anywhere else on the market. The new Papyrus Converse high-productivity low code technology, expected to hit the market in 2018, will be the next game changer. It will revolutionise the process of business service innovation, helping companies efficiently digitalise their most valuable customer journeys and value streams in a conversational style manner, while promoting business agility, securing compliance and cutting months of innovation delivery down to days.

Madison Advisors

ISIS Papyrus Profiled in Multichannel CCM Research

Madison Advisors’ Customer Communications Management (CCM) Solutions Market Study, 6th Edition provides an overview of several CCM technology solutions available in the market today.

Of particular focus is how each solution innovatively solves the challenges associated with customer communications management, and how these solutions are positioned to keep up with changing technology and consumer demand for a digital experience. This study provides an update on some of the capabilities reviewed in our last report which included multi-channel delivery, cloud technology, and support for social media. In addition, we have included a review of current trends in the market and how each solution is positioned to stay abreast of these trends while meeting the increased requirement of enhancing the customer experience.

Gartner Group

Papyrus Platform Positioned as a Challenger in Gartner Magic Quadrant(TM) for Customer Communications Management Software

Enterprise software provider ISIS Papyrus Software announced it was named a Challenger in the latest “Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software,” published January 26, 2017 to help application leaders assess possible CCM solutions for their organization.

For the report, Gartner evaluated 15 CCM software vendors across diverse criteria, noting customer communications management tools are evolving from supporting static, printed output and one-way broadcasting to creating dynamic, on-demand communications via multiple channels.

The report identifies key trends in the CCM market:

  • Many organizations find their existing CCM software is not flexible enough to adapt to their changing business needs
  • CCM providers are adding new capabilities for digital engagement, rich media, context awareness, social and mobility, and cloud delivery
  • Digital business continues to be the spark driving innovation in the mature CCM market

Forrester Research

Papyrus CCM Solution Evaluated as a Strong Performer that Emphasizes a Full Application Lifecycle Platform and Framework

Papyrus Platform was named as a Strong Performer in “The Forrester Wave™: Customer Communications Management, Q2 2016”, published to assist enterprise architecture (EA) professionals looking to help line-of-business owners improve the customer experience. Noting that CCM platforms will continue to enhance customer experience, evolve toward broader communication needs, and more tightly integrate with other business applications, the report profiles Papyrus as “top-of-class for integration of dynamic case management technology with document generation and capture.”

The report cited the Papyrus Platform for:

  • Emphasizing a full application lifecycle platform and framework
  • Having offered great flexibility
  • Customers leverage Papyrus primitives to “expose” different aspects of the product to support CRM, ECM, DCM and CCM functions
  • Moving towards “framework” solutions to reduce customers’ effort
  • Rules are “natural language” with a common data model as a core repository

Forrester Research

ISIS Papyrus Offers Advanced Goal Orientation for Dynamic Case Management Applications

ISIS Papyrus Software was named a Strong Performer in “The Forrester Wave™: Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2016,” published by Forrester Research to help enterprise architects tackle increasing volumes of varied and unstructured work. Profiling Papyrus as “a particularly strong fit for specialized and complex process support,” the report cited these capabilities of the ISIS Papyrus platform:

  • Advanced goal orientation – ability for tasks, rules and context to adapt to altered goals
  • Imports external information models to help jump-start process design
  • Tight integration with CCM, capture and ECM tools
  • Central point of management from one object repository
  • Advanced capture, ECM and CCM capabilities


Papyrus Platform stands out in global DOCCM for Insurance

ISIS Papyrus was profiled and recognized with the 2014 XCelent Customer Base award from among 14 global customer communications vendors in the report, Document Automation for Insurers: 2014 ABCD Vendor View, based on live user organizations, global implementations and new client momentum

Forrester Research

ISIS Papyrus Software Named a Leader in DOCCM

A leading independent research firm cited ISIS Papyrus as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Document Output For Customer Communications Management, Q1 2014, based on its scores in Strategy and Current Offering and broad vision for DOCCM supporting ECM, CRM, analytics, event processing and BPM.

Forrester Research

ISIS Papyrus Drives Adaptive Innovation in Dynamic Case Management Market

A leading independent research firm cited ISIS Papyrus as a Strong Performer, providing very strong DCM support across all categories in each of three Wave evaluations for Overall Capabilities, Design Time Capabilities and Runtime Capabilities in The Forrester Wave™: Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2014


ISIS Papyrus Takes an Adaptive Approach to CCM

InfoTrends published this expert opinion in its Production Workflow & Custom Communications Solutions Services report, May 2013:

Production Workflow & Custom Communications Solutions Services report, May 2013: “ISIS Papyrus is a leading document capture, automation, and composition vendor. The software has evolved over the years to become a very flexible and integrated suite of IT solutions that enables companies to rapidly design and deploy enterprise-wide customer communication solutions independent of the channel.”

Gartner Group

Gartner: ISIS Papyrus a “Vendor to Watch” in CCM Software

Gartner identifies ISIS Papyrus as a “Vendor to Watch” in “Market Trends: Customer Communications Management Software, Worldwide, 2012”, highlighting CCM software for business-critical applications in digital and print communication.

Butler Group

Papyrus Platform Recognized for Integration, Management for Agile Processes

In its 2009 Technology Audit, the Butler Group profiled the new version of the ISIS Papyrus Platform for Business Communication and Process (V7) as one of the best integrated solutions with overall understanding for the management of documents, information and data in the context of agile business processes.

For a full list of industry research including ISIS Papyrus Software, please send your request to info@isis-papyrus.com