The Papyrus Automated Document Factory (ADF) provides the customer with intelligent, end-to-end automation of print and e-delivery. The Papyrus ADF includes unique features for complete centralized lifecycle management - across platforms - of all document resources from data, formatting, printing and post-processing to multichannel delivery and archiving. Documents can be tracked seamlessly from creation through centralized or decentralized printing to final enveloping and finishing. Document templates and resources are versioned and include a full audit trail with detailed document access and change information.

Preview of letters in real time

Web-based applications for ad-hoc document generation can be defined to enable authorized staff to create and preview their correspondence in real time.

Local and central print of all letters

When the business user has completed the letter creation, it may be formatted by Papyrus Client and locally printed, e-mailed, faxed or queued in the central Papyrus PrintPool for any further post-processing - such as the addition or barcodes and/or OMR codes or batching of letters to the same end customer.

Optionally, workflow could send certain letter tasks, configurable by the administrator, to a supervisor for review and/or comment. Such tasks could be approved and forwarded for printing as usual, or rejected by the supervisor and returned to the business user for further work.

Before returning a letter, supervisors can add an electronic Sticker - similar to a sticky note - to the document which can be color-coded by role and role-, date- and time-stamped. While Stickers are stored with the document, they are not printed with the document unless required. Stickers may also be used as training aids.

Finishing - Bundling and Postal Optimization

All business documents generated in batch, online and user-interactive forms can be stored in the central Papyrus PrintPool for bundling, sorting, optimization for mailing, and OMR and Barcodes can be added and before the output is managed to different channels.

Documents placed in the print queue can also be sorted along with all other documents to take advantage of maximum postal discounts before being sent for printing and finishing. Because Papyrus has control and visibility of all resources in the system, postal sorting can be applied on the formatted letter, not only on addresses, enabling better postal rate to weight matching, especially with letters of unpredictable lengths.

At the same time, documents output through Papyrus are archived for short-term and long-term access and security.

PrintPool capabilities: Integrated Output Management with bundling of different letters into one envelope, multi-channel delivery (print, e-mail, Web) and postal optimization, archiving and integrated inbound document handling enabling Case Management and Response Management.

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Papyrus PrintPool: Letter output management

Letter delivery options

Business users can be granted the ability to search the archive of previously sent documents for viewing, re-printing and re-sending to the end customer. Re-prints could even include a watermark to indicate the document is not the original.

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Letter attachment selection

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Letter delivery options

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One time formatting, multichannel delivery